NEET 2021 Question Paper

NEET 2021 Question Paper

Any student aspiring to become a doctor needs to appear for the NEET examination as he/she can get admission to the medical college as per the ranks. It is crucial to know about the questions of NEET as most students fail to crack the exam due to the lack of knowledge. To get a grasp of the question paper easily, hence we the team live learns help you that one should go through the whole syllabus of the exam and note down the chapters covered for each subject in the examination. Students can also download the sample question papers and start solving them. It can be the best way for one to check the pattern.

1. Following uses the evaporation technique to achieve supersaturation: 

(a) Circulation magma crystallizer 

(b) Sternson–Walker crystallizer 

(c) Static tank crystallizer

(d) All 


2. McCabe and Thiele method represents 

(a) Graphical method for determining the number of theoretical plates of a fractionating column 

(b) Graphical relation between vapour pressure and temperature of component liquids of a mixture 

(c) Relationship between the vapour pressure and mole fraction of component of a mixture

(d) None   


3. Florentine receiver works on the principle of separa- tion of component liquids of a mixture based on 

(a) Molecular weight difference 

(b) Density difference 

(c) Volume difference 

(d) All 


4. Following is not true for an azeotropic mixture

(a) Volatility of each component becomes equal 

(b) Relative volatility of mixture is 1 

(c) Components of such mixture cannot be fractionated 

(d) None


5. Following is most widely used for extraction of vola- tile oils 

(a) Steam distillation 

(b) Azeotropic distillation

(c) Molecular distillation

(d) Destructive distillation


6. Following are used for particle size analysis

P. Coulter counter 

Q. BET N2 adsorption 


S. HIAC counter

(a) Q and S 

(b) P and S

(c) Q, R and S 

(d) R and S

ANS:-  B

7. Which instrument is used for the determination of shear rate/shear stress?

(a) Ultrasonifier 

(b) Rotational viscometer

(c) Accela cota 

(d) Chilsonator


8. Colloid particles have …………………. type of rheology.

(a) Newtonian flow

(b) Pseudoplastic flow

(c) Non-Newtonian flow

(d) Dilatant


9. Wetting agent has ………………… HLB value.

(a) 1 to 3 

(b) 3 to 6

(c) 7 to 9 

(d) 8 to 18


10. Carr’s compressibility index gives an idea about

(a) Flow property of powders

(b) Cohesiveness of powders

(c) Both

(d) None

ANS:-  C

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