NEET Questions & Answer on Surface chemistry with FREE PDF

NEET Questions & Answer on Surface chemistry with FREE PDF

These questions are based on the chapter on Surface Chemistry class 12 chemistry subject there are so many important questions and answer we find for the future doctor It is expected that NEET 2021 application form will release soon on the official website at and it is likely that more than 15 lakh candidates will appear for NEET 2021. Hence, competition in the exam will be high.

To ace the exam, candidates need to give it all and follow a good preparation strategy. The first and foremost aspect of this is to complete NEET 2021 syllabus. Many students must have done so by now. But if the syllabus is still pending, here is what you should do:

1. Out of sulphur sol and starch sol which forms multimolecular colloids ?

Ans. Sulphur sol forms multimolecular colloids.

2. Give an example of heterogeneous catalysis.

Ans. In Haber’s process Iron (solid) is used as a catalyst for manufacture of NH, from Na) and H2(g Nickel is used for hydrogenation of oils.

3. Write two uses of emulsions.

Ans. Concentration of sulphide ores by forth the floatation process and cleaning action of soap are the uses of emulsions.

4. What is the difference between hydrosol and alcosol?

Ans. The colloidal solution of solid in water is called hydrosol, while in alcohol is called alcosol

5. Out of starch and gelatin,it has a minimum gold number.

Ans. gelatin

6. Between gold sol and gelatin in water which is hydrophobic sol ?

Ans. Gold sol is hydrophobic in nature.

7. Starch sol is an example of a type of colloid.

Ans. Macromolecular

8. Define Hardy-Schulze Rule

Ans. According to this rule – higher the charge of The flocculating ion greater is its coagulating power.

9. Define Gold number’.

Ans. It is the number of mg of the protective colloid which prevents coagulation of 10ml of a given gold sol when 1ml of 10% solution of NaCl is added to it.

10. Soap sol is an example of a type of colloid.

Ans. Associated

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