NEET Questions on Animal Tissue with Answer

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UPCOMING NEET Questions on Animal Tissue with Answer

70. Which of the following is correct ? 

(a) Blood contains both RBC& WBC but lymph contain WEBC 

(b) Lymph contains RBC & WBC but blood contains RBC 

(c) Blood contains WBC but Lymph contains RBC 

(d) Blood has RBC & WBC but Lymph contains nothing. 

71. The segment of a myofibril between two Z lines is called 

(b) Sarcoplasma 

() Sarconema 

(a) Sarcolema 

(c) Sarcomere 

(b) Hinge joint 

72. Synovial joint is.. 

() All of these. 

(a) Pivot joint 

(c) Ball and socket joint 

73. lons that must be present for binding the cross bridges is.. 

(b) Catte 0 




74. Hyperglycemia indicates blood sugar level above..mng. 

(b) 80 


(d) 160 

(C 100 

75. Increase in number of erythrocytes is called.. 

(b) Glucosauria 

(a) Polycythemia 

(d) Hypoglycemia. 

(c) Hyperglycemia 

76. A neuron with one dendron and one axon is. 

(b) bipolar 

(a) unipolar 

(d) apolar 

(C) Multipolar 

77. Epimycium is made up of    tissue 


(b) Connective 



78. The over streching of ligaments is called. 

(a) Tonuss 

(b) Tetany 

(c) Fatigue 

() Sprain 

79. Tendon connects a……. 

(a) Ligament with muscle 

(b) Bone with muscle 

(c) Cartilage with muscle 

(d) Bone with bone 

80. Mast cells secrete.. 

(a) Hippurin 

(b) Histamine 

(C) Myoglobin 

81. Graveyard of RBC is….. 

(d) Haemoglobin 

(a) Spleen 

(c) Kidney 

(b) Liver 

82. Cilliated epithelium is found in .. 

(d) thymus 

(a) Stomach 


(b) Trachea 

83. Term “epithelium” was given by .. 

() Intestine 

(a) Bichat 

(o) Ruysh 

(b) Malpighi 

84. What happens if a bone of frog is kept in dilute hydrochloric acid ? 

(a) Shrink in size 

(C) Crack into pieces 

(b) Turn flexible 

(d) assume black colour 

 85. Schwann cells and nodes of Ranvier are present is 

(a) Muscles 

(b) Cartilages 

(c)Bone cells 

(d) Neurons 

86. Which statement is correct for muscle contraction ? 

(a) Lengh of H-zone increases 

(6) Length of l-band increases 

(c)Length of two Z-lines increases 

(d) length of A-band remains constant 

87. Nissls granules are present in 

(a) Cyton 

(b)Cyton and dendron 

(c) Axon 

(d) Dendron 

88. What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach lymph ? 

(a) Analcerci develop 

(b) Both forewing and hind wing develop 

(c) Labium develops 

(d) Mandible becomes harder 

89. Example of embryonic connective tissue is… 

(a) Wolman’s jelly 

(b) Wharton’s jelly 

(c) Wright’s jelly 

(d) None 

90. The myelin sheath is produced by . 

(6) Paneth cells 

(a) Oxynctic cells 

(d) Schwann cells 

(c) Node of Ranvier 

91. Identify the tissue shown in the diagram and match with its characteristics and its location. 

(a) Smooth muscles, show branching, found in the wall of the heart. 

(b) Cardiac muscles, unbranched muscles, found in the walls of the heart. 

(c) Striated muscles, tapering at both-ends, attached with the bones of the ribs 

(d)Skeletal muscles show striations and are closely attached with the bones of the limbs. 

92. life span of mammalian RBC is  

(d) 120 day 

(b) frog 100 day  

(c) 125  

(a) both (d) and (b) 

93. The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of 

(b) areolar tissue 

(a) ligament 

(d) cartilage. 

(C) bone 

94. Deficiency of vit-B12 and folic acid causes  

(a) pernicious anaemia  

(b) anaemia 

(c) microcyte anaemia  

(d) grillpostomic  

95. The ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are known to occur in  

(a) Eustachian tube and stomach lining 

(b) bronchioles and Fallopian tube 

(c) bile duct and oesophagus 

(d) Fallopian tube and urethra 

96. Choose the correctly material pair. 

(a) Tendon-specialized connective tissue 

(b) Adipose tissue-Dense connective tissue 

(c) Areolar tissue-Loose connective tissue (d) (d)Cartilage-loose connective tissue  

97. Choose the correctly matched pair 

(a) Inner lining of salivary ducts-ciliated epithelicem 

(b) Moist surface of buccal cavity-glandular epithelium 

(c) Tubular parts of nephrons-cuboidal epithelium 

(d) Inner surface of bronchioles-squamous epithelium. 

98. The cells lining the blood vessels belong to the category of 

(a) Smooth muscle tissue 

(b) Squamous epithlium 

()Columnar epithelium 

(d) Connective tissue.  

99. Which one of the following pairs of structures is correctly matched with their corrected description? 

Structures.                              Description 

(a) tibia and fibula- both form parts of knee joint 

(b) cartilage and cornea-no blood supply but do require oxygen for respiratory need 

(c) Shoulder joint and elbow joint – ball and socket type joint 

(d) premolars and molars-20 in all and 3 rooted 

100. Which one of the following is correct pairing of a body part and the kind of muscle tissue that move it? 

(a) biceps of upper arm- Smooth muscle fibers 

(b) abdominal  wall- smooth muscle 

(c) iris-involuntary smooth muscle 

(d) heart wall-involuntary unstriated muscle 

101. The epithelial tissue present on the inner surface of branchioles and fallopian tubes is 

(a) glandular 

(D) ciliated 

(c) Squamous 

(o) Cuboidal 

102. The cell juncuoaug, aanering and gap junctions are found in 

(a) connective tissue 

(b) epithelial tissue 

(c) neural tissue 

(d) muscular tissue 

103. The kind or Tissue that forms the supportive structure in our pinna (external ear) is also found

(a) nails 

(b) ear ossicles 

(c) tip of the nose 

(d) vertebrae 

104. Which one or ten Toliowing pairs of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other types or cells 

(a) vacuoles and fibres 

(6) flagellum and medullary sheath 

(c)nucleus and mitochondria 

(d)perikaryon and dendrites 

105. In which one of the following preparations are you likely to come across all junctions most frequently ? 

(a) thrombocytes 

(b) tendon 

(c)  hyaline cartilage 

(d) ciliated epithelium 

106. Areolar connective tissue joins 

(b) fat body with muscles 

(a) bones with bones 

(c) integument with muscles MOn 

(c) bones with muscles 

107. Protein present in cartilage is 

(b) ossein 

(a) cartilagin 

(d) None of these 

(c) chondrin 

108. Four healthy people in their twenties go involved in injuries resulting in damage and death of few cells of the following. Which of the cells are least likely to be replaced by new cells? 

(b) neurons 

(a) Liver cells 

(d) osteocytes 

(C) malpighian layer of the skin 

109. Which one of the following contains ten largest quaniy of extracellular material? 

(b) areolar tissue 

(a) striated muscle 

(d) myelinated nerve fibers 

(c)stratified epithelium 

110. Which pair is correct? 

(b) Saliva = sense of food taste 

(a) Sweat temperature reguiauon 

(d) humerous = hind leg. 

(c) Sebum = sexual attraction 


71. (c) 72. (b)73. (b) 74. (d)75. (a)76. (b) 77. (b)78. (c) 79. (b)80. (b)81. (a) 82. (b)83. (c) 84. (b) 85. (d)86. (d)87. (c) 88. (5) 89. (b)90. (d)91. (d) 92. (a)93. (d) 94. (a)95. (b)96. (c)97. (c)98. (b) 99. (b) 100. (c)101. (b) 102. (b) 103. (c) 104. (d) 105. (d) 106. (c) 107. (b) 108. (b) 109. (b) 110. (a) 


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