NEET Questions on Fungi with Answer pdf

NEET Questions on Fungi with Answer pdf

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Here we are uploading NEET questions on Fungi with Answer pdf , This will really Help you in your Preparation for Medical Entrance Exam Like NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, KCET we cover the general Characters of Fungi and Economic importance of Fungi i.e Useful Activities Of Fungi and Harmful Activities of Fungi and also discuss about the Classification of Fungi.

Answers are Bold type

1. When moss spores germinate, they form___________

(1) leafy gametophyte directly

(2) first protonema, then form a bud and then a leafy gametophyte

(3) capsule directly

(4) protonema which bears archegonia and antheridia

2. The chemotactic substances excreted from the archegonium of Funaria at the time of fertilization are possibly some…..

(1) fats

(2) sugars

(3) acids

(4) esters

3. The sporophyte of moss is____________________

(1) totally dependent for food on gametophyte

(2) not at all dependent for food on gametophyte

(3) partially dependent for food on gametophyte

(4) dependent on insects for its food

4. Aquatic ancestry of bryophytes is evidenced by______________

(1) their green colour

(2) algae like protonema

(3) ciliated sperms

(4) many aquatic bryophytes

5. Protonema is the stage in the life cycle of___________

(1) Riccia

(2) Funaria

(3) all bryophytes

(4) Cycas

6. Which of the following is a bryophyte____________?

(1) Club moss

(2) Reindeer moss

(3) Irish moss

(4) Bog moss

7. Which of the following is haploid in the life cycle of Funaria______________

(1) embryo

(2) peristome teeth

(3) protonema

(4) sporophyte

8. Peristomial teeth help in______________

(2) dispersal of spores

(1) nutrition

(4) protection

(3) reproduction

9. In moss, the reduction division takes place in____________

(2) antheridium

(1) capsule

(3) archegonium

(4) zygote

10. Which of the following plant groups is called amphibians_____________?

(1) Tracheophyta

(2) Bryophyta

(3) Pteridophyta

(4) Thallophyta

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