Odisha Day Quiz Questions And Answers PDF

Odisha Day Quiz Questions And Answers PDF

Widely recognised as the land of Lord Jagannath, Odisha is famous for its cultural heritage and vigorous architecture. One of the traditional states, Odisha is popular for its great heritage and historical past. Apart from being an attractive tourist spot, this state is renowned for its unique history.

Odisha Day or Utkal Diwas is celebrated on April 1st every year to remember the formation of the state after a struggle to be recognised as an independent region. Around a decade before India’s independence, the land of Jagannath came into existence as an independent province in the year 1936. The day is celebrated annually in the Indian state of Odisha in memory of the formation of the state as a separate state out of Bihar and Orissa Province.
Here we present Utkal Divas 2022 Quiz Questions are here.


1.Who was the last independent ruler of Odisha?

[A] Prataparudra deva

[B] Purusottam deva

[C] Viraja

[D] Mukunda deva

Answer:- D [Mukunda deva]


It was 1568 when Mukundadeva ruled as the last Hindu king. He was killed in a battle against Afgan intruders of Bengal.

2.Sisupalgarh was excavated in the year?

[A] 1921

[B] 1922

[C] 1948

[D] 1952

Answer: C [1948]


The major historical site Sisupalgarh was excavated by B.B Lai in 1948. It was discovered near Bhubaneswar.

3.According to Raghuvamsam of Kalidasa, which territory was mentioned as a neighbor of Kalinga?

[A] Utkal

[B] Tosali

[C] Kangoda

[D] Kosala

Correct Answer: A [Utkal]


Utkal is mentioned as a neighbor of Kalinga in Raghuvamsham. Some scholars mentioned it as older than even Kalinga.

4.During the Ganga period Which among the following was/ were the main exporting commodities?

[A] Clothes

[B] Diamonds

[C] Elephants

[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: D [All of the above]


Clothes, Diamonds, Elephants were the main exported things. Southeast Asian countries were the trade partners of Odisha.

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5.Who wrote the Mahabharata in the Oriya language?

[A] Kamban

[B] Utbi

[C] Dandin

[D] Sarala Dasa

Correct Answer: D [Sarala Dasa]


Sarala Dasa wrote Mahabharata in the Oriya language during the time of the Gajapati Dynasty. It is often compared with Raghuvansham of Kalidasa.

6.Who founded Utakal Brahmo Samaj in Odisha?

[A] Haranath Bhattacharya

[B] Keshab Ch. Sen

[C] Raja Rammohan Roy

[D] Debendranath Tagore

Correct Answer: A [Haranath Bhattacharya]


Haranath Bhattacharya, a follower of Keshab Ch. Sen founded Utakal Brahmo Samaj in 1869. Keshab Chandra Sen joined Brahmo Samaj in 1857.

7.When did Debendranath Tagore join Brahmo Samaj?

[A] 1843

[B] 1856

[C] 1866

[D] 1880

Correct Answer: A [1843]


Debendranath Tagore joined Brahmo samaj in 1843. The title ‘Brahmananda’ was given by him to Keshav Ch. Sen.

8.Railway in coastal Odisha started in?

[A] 1853

[B] 1876

[C] 1893

[D] 1896

Correct Answer: D [1896]


In 1896 railways in the coastal area started. The first train service from Khurda to Bhubaneswar started on 20 July 1896.

9.Who gave the title “Utkalmani” to Gopabandhu Das?

[A] Prafulla Chandra Roy

[B] Mahatma Gandhi

[C] Jawaharlal Nehru

[D] B G Tilak

Correct Answer: A [Prafulla Chandra Roy]


Shri Prafulla Chandra Roy gave the title Utkalmani (The jewel of Odisha) to Gopabandhu das. Prafulla ch. Roy established Bengal Chemical in 1901.

10.When did the Salt satyagraha under the leadership of Gopabandhu Chaudhury reach Inchudi?

[A] 6th April

[B] 8th April

[C] 12th April

[D] 16th April

Correct Answer: C [12th April]


Their journey started on 6th April 1930. They reached on 12th April 1930. There were a  number of 21 satyagrahis other than Gopabandhu Chaudhury and Harihar Das.

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