Plane Will Fly From India To Abroad Amid Russian Ukrainian Bitterness

The plane will fly from India to abroad amid Russian-Ukrainian bitterness

New Delhi: The return of Indians trapped in Ukraine has been easy. The government lifted all restrictions on air travel. Restrictions on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine have lifted civil aviation. Restrictions have been lifted on the repatriation of Indian students and staff stranded in Ukraine.

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The Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to fly to Ukraine due to rising demand between Russia and Ukraine. India Airlines has also been asked to increase the number of flights. Earlier, India had asked migrants to leave Ukraine. But no aircraft will be available before February 20.

India and Ukraine have a travel bubble agreement. Under which both countries can operate a certain number of flights a week. The travel bubble deal was needed when international travel was suspended due to the epidemic. But now thousands of Indians are trapped in Ukraine, so the ministry has decided to lift the ban. This means that airlines can operate any number of flights. In addition, chartered flights can be operated between India and Ukraine.

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Russia and Ukraine have been embroiled in controversy over the issue of Indian immigration. But now no aircraft are available before February 20th. Thousands of Indians are now trapped in Ukraine, so the ministry has decided to remove it.

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