Preposition Questions With Answers

Preposition Questions With Answers

Here We Discuss About The Prepositions Questions And Answers So Keep Reading These Prepositions Questions And Answers Are Really Help To You Crack Your Exams

Prepositions are the words found before nouns, pronouns, or other substantives to form phrases functioning as modifiers of verbs, nouns, or adjectives.

And They give us more information on where, when and why all things happen. Using the wrong preposition is a Simple or common mistake So These Questions Are made by Team Live Learns.

  1. Ramesh is on holiday and he ………… his money very quickly.
    1. will have been spending
    2. Have spent
    3. is spending
    4. spend
  2. There were speculations before these events, which ultimately ____ in the formation of a republic.
    1. Led
    2. Warranted
    3. Bought
    4. Culminated
  3. This book ______________ five sections.
    1. comprises of
    2. comprises
    3. consists
    4. comprises to
  4. The doctors ____a special course of antibiotics on the patient to ___the disease
    1. used, relieve
    2. gave, take out
    3. prescribed, prove
    4. administered, combat
  5. Autotomy is the ability of an animal to ________ a part of its body at will to save itself from predators and attackers.
    1. Cast off
    2. Cast away
    3. Cut of
    4. Cut down
  6. We judge ourselves by our thoughts, ____________ others judge us by our actions.
    1. when
    2. because
    3. whereas
    4. lest
  7. Their country has no mineral resources to speak of __________.
    1. of
    2. in
    3. on
    4. with
  8. They have set out ________a journey to a hill station.
    1. in
    2. on
    3. of
    4. with
  9. After the treatment, he was relieved ___________ the pain
    1. for
    2. of
    3. from
    4. with
  10. My uncle apprised me ____ the incident
    1. about
    2. on
    3. in
    4. of
07.CThe tense used here is ‘present continuous’ as the action is still going on.
08.DThe word ‘ultimately’ gives us a hint of something ending, so culminating fits the best. And with ‘in’ only culminating is correct.
09.BThe use of the preposition ‘of’ after “comprise” is incorrect.
10.DOne does not relieve, take out or prove a disease, so for the 2nd blank, combat is correct
11.ACast off , means to remove , and hence this is the answer.
12.CThere are two ways in which we are judged; one is ‘our thoughts’ whereas the other is when our actions are judged.
13.ATo speak ‘of’ mineral means to speak about(Not speech), Speak on means giving speech.
14.B‘Set out’ means to begin. So correct preposition would be set out on
15.BRelieve of is the correct idiom
16.DApprise is used with of. It denotes being informed

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