Prepositions Questions And Answers

Prepositions Questions And Answers

Here We Discuss About The Prepositions Questions And Answers So Keep Reading These Prepositions Questions And Answers Are Really Help To You Crack Your Exams

Prepositions are the words found before nouns, pronouns, or other substantives to form phrases functioning as modifiers of verbs, nouns, or adjectives.

And They give us more information on where, when and why all things happen. Using the wrong preposition is a Simple or common mistake So These Questions Are made by Team Live Learns.

  1. It is surprising indeed that he has access ____ all the important leaders of the country.
    1. about
    2. by
    3. to
    4. of
  2. The trouble originated ___a petty quarrel.
    1. in
    2. about
    3. to
    4. beside
  3. It is due to their lethargy that the plan fell____.
    1. through
    2. out
    3. away
    4. apart
  4. He felt very much grateful ____his boss for the kindness he had shown in granting him leave.
    1. to
    2. for
    3. with
    4. on
  5. Every one of us will have to atone _____his or her misdeeds.
    1. of
    2. for
    3. by
    4. with
  6. The consequences of his haughtiness were that his services were dispensed ______by his master.
    1. with
    2. about
    3. from
    4. up
  1. These days everybody complains __high prices of commodities.
    1. away
    2. of
    3. through
    4. over
  2. Which magazine do you subscribe to ______?
    1. Of
    2. For
    3. To
    4. In
  3. We must not carp _____ the errors of our ancestors.
    1. From
    2. With
    3. About
    4. In
  4. A preface____________a book introduces the book.
    1. by
    2. to
    3. of
    4. over
1.C“access to” is to have authority or permission.
2.A“originated in “ is the correct usage..
3.A“Fell through” is to collapse.
4.AGrateful takes after it.
5.BAtone for means to apologize.
6.AThe services were “dispensed with” and it means ‘forgo’. Dispense is followed by with.
7.BTo complain of or about something.
8.CThe word ‘subscribe’ means to hold a standing order for a magazine or other periodical, or for a computer service e.g.  He subscribes to three magazines.
9.CIf we find fault with something and complain continuously and unnecessarily about it, we ‘carp’ about/at it.
10.BA ‘preface’ is an introduction to something and the correct preposition is ‘to’.

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