Questions on NEET, GPAT & Pharmacist Exams

Questions & Answers for GPAT, NIPER, NEET

Before we discuss these medical questions with Answers, we have to know the most important questions for GPAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR NET, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam and all  medical exams. total questions: 125 questions, related to different subjects like Pharmaceutics and Chemistry Total Marks: 500 Marks. so kindly do check it. Our live learns team prepared these NIPER question papers with answers pdf GPAT questions with answers for you free in pdf format. It is easy to ace your exam.

1. Passive diffusion follows which order of kinetics

(a) Non selective and mixed order 

(b) Selective and first order

(c) Non selective and first order 

(d) Selective and mixed order

Ans:- A           

2. Conc v/s time curve drown from single oral dose, which parameter can be calculated

(a) Elimination constant 

(b) Rate constant 

(c) Absorption peak 

(d) Plasma conc.

Ans:- B

3. If a basic drug reabsorbed significantly from kidney which of the following statement will be correct

(a) Its renal clearance increases in basic urine 

(b) Its renal clearance decreases in basic urine

(c) Its renal clearance increases in acidic urine 

(d) Its renal clearance decreases in acidic urine

Ans:- B 

4. o, m, p- isomers can be differentiated on the basis of:

(a) Chemical shift 

(b) Coupling constant

(c) Extinction coefficient 

(d) Dipole moment

Ans:- B

5. Monitoring of plasma drug concentration is required while using:

(a) Antihypertensive drugs 

(b) Levodopa

(c) Lithium carbonate 

(d) MAO inhibitors

Ans:- C

6. Which anticholinergic drug mostly used as anti Parkinson drug____

(a) Procyclidine 

(b) Methinicol 

(c) Tacrine 

(d) Atropine

Ans:- A

7. To create successful new product, a company understands consumers, markets, and competitors and develop a/an_________

(a) Impressive advertising campaign 

(b) Strong web site to push the product

(c) Aggressive marketing strategy 

(d) Product that satisfies consumers’ needs

Ans:- C

8. Which of the following methods is an example of facilitated diffusion_______________?

(a) Passive diffusion 

(b) Endocytosis

(c) Carrier mediated diffusion (d) Active transport

Ans:- C

9. Which of the following causes arterial and bronchial constriction and platelet aggregation_____

(a) Prostaglandin E2

(b) Prostaglandin A2

(c) Prostaglandin D2

(d) Thromboxane A2

Ans:- D

10. What is mechanism of action of carbamazepine_

(a) Inhibition of GABA transaminase 

(b) Blockade of sodium channel

(c) Blockade of glutamate receptor 

(d) Blockade of GABA receptors

Ans:- B

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