Questions on Surface Chemistry for NEET FREE PDF

Questions on Surface Chemistry for NEET FREE PDF

These Surface Chemistry questions are prepared by Our LIVE LEARNS team The National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)-UG for MBBS, BDS admissions. The exam date for NEET 2021 is August 1 and only two months are left for the national level medical entrance test.

These questions are based on the chapter on Surface Chemistry class 12 chemistry subject there are so many important questions and answer we find for the future doctor It is expected that NEET 2021 application form will release soon on the official website at and it is likely that more than 15 lakh candidates will appear for NEET 2021. Hence, competition in the exam will be high.

To ace the exam, candidates need to give it all and follow a good preparation strategy. The first and foremost aspect of this is to complete NEET 2021 syllabus. Many students must have done so by now. But if the syllabus is still pending, here is what you should do:

Surface chemistry

1. Colloidal solution can be distinguished from a true solution by

Ans. Tyndal effect

2. The precipitation of a colloidal solution by adding excess of an electrolyte is called as

Ans. Coagulation or flocculation

3. What is electrophoresis?

Ans. The phenomenon of movement of colloidal particles towards oppositely charged electrodes, under the influence of electric field is called as electrophoresis.

4. The phenomenon of movement of dispersion medium towards oppositely charged electrodes under the influence of electric field is called as

Ans. electro osmosis

5. Butter is an example of____

Ans. Water in oil type of emulsion.

6. Mixture of any two immiscible liquids is called as

Ans. emulsion

7. The colloidal system in which dispersed phase is liquid and dispersion medium is solid is called as

Ans. gel

8. What is adsorption?

Ans. The phenomenon of adhering of the gas or

liquid molecules on the surface of a solid is called as Adsorption. It is a surface phenomenon.

9. What is peptisation ?

Ans. The process of transforming back a precipitate into colloidal form is called peptisation

10. Adsorption of gases on a solid surface is called as____? 

Ans. Occlusion

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