Scope of zoology in India

The man is dependent on animals and plants for its survival. So, biology has a wide scope for the study of plants and animals from different aspects. 

Zoology as a basis of education 

Biology lays the foundation of education on observation and analysis of life processes of plants and animals, with regard to morphology, physiology, cyto-genetics, ecology etc. It is a thorough study from the simple to complex forms of organisms to know about evolution. 

Zoology helps for better living 

The study of plants and animals helps in maintaining good environment, disease free life and even pass our leisure time observing them. It also helps us to conserve our natural flora and fauna or biodiversity. 

The importance of Zoology lies in the words of William James, that “a Science, which is directly related with life is actually a Science”. 

Zoology helps in understanding the evolution of man 

From the study of Biology, man derives knowledge about his own systems. The study of animals help man to know his position in the animal kingdom. The study of evolution determines the position of man in animal hierarchy. 

Zoology as applied branches 

To feed the ever-growing population biologist supply animal proteins which is very essential. Animals and plants are also used in industries. (In Industries: such as; leather, horn, pearl, silk etc. 

Biology can be applied in 

(I) Producing food materials such as; fishery, poultry etc.  

(ii) Improving agriculture: such as; producing better yield of agricultural products. 

(iii) Knowing diseases and cure. 

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Zoology for scientific study 

Biology has a vast scope for scientific research on different aspects of animal life. Detailed study can be made from various angles leading to morphological, physiological, embryological genetical aspects etc. of more than one million types of animals and almost one million types of plants that are present on land, in water and in air, 

Zoology helps in production of drugs 

Animal has therapeutic importance. A large number old medicines, such as; Insulin Adrenocorticoid steroids etc. are extracted from animals. Recently, king crab is found to contain substances for treatment of cancer. Majority of the drugs are extracted roam plants and their products. 

Zoology helps in experiment of drugs 

Animals are used as laboratory animals. They are dissected and experimented for human benefit. Different newly invented drugs are tried with animals before applying in human beings. 

zoology forms foundation for pre-professional subjects 

Diversification of this subject has occurred. Basic knowledge in biology is required for 

preparation for pre-professional subjects like, Medicine, Veterinary, Forestry etc. 

zoology develops aesthetic value 

The religious belief of human beings is related with different animals and plants. Visit to zoos, sanctuaries and national parks will also arise aesthetic sense in human beings. 

Basis the for furnishes study zoology psychological & sociological studies 

The study of animal behaviour and its implications on human behaviour and applications is rapidly gaining interest. Animal sociology has developed into a new branch of zoology in its own right. 

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