Sexual reproduction in flowering plants MCQs with Answers

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants MCQs with Answers

Before we discuss about these Sexual reproduction in flowering plants questions we have to know Sexual reproduction in flowering plants is the most important topic in biology so kindly do check it. our live learns team prepared these questions for NEET, AIIMS,JIPMER and others medical or competitive exams.

1. Which of the following represents female gametophyte in angiosperms?

A. Embryo

B. Embryo sac

C. Synergid

D. Endosperm


2. The development of fruits without fertilisation of the ovary, is called:

A. Parthenogenesis

B. Agamospermy

C. Parthenocarpy

D. Apomixis

Ans: B

3. The number of meiotic divisions, required to produce 400 seeds in a pea plant is:

A. 100

B. 200

C. 400

D. 500

Ans: D

4. In an embryo sac, the cells that degenerate after fertilisation are:

A. Synergids and primary endosperm cell

B. Synergids and antipodals

C. Antipodals and primary endosperm cell

D. Egg and antipodals

Ans: b

5. Which of the following floral parts forms the pericarp after fertilisation?

A. Nucellus

B. Outer integument

C. Ovary wall

D. Inner integument

Ans: C

6. The female gametophyte of a typical dicot at the time of fertilisation is:

A. 8_ celled

B. 7_ celled

C. 6_ celled

D. 5_ celled

Ans: B

7. Both chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers are present in:

A. Helianthus

B. Rosa

C. Commelina

D. Gossypium

And: C

8. Plants with ovaries having only one or a few ovules are generally pollinated by:

A. Bees

B. Butterfly

C. Birds

D. Wind

Ans: D

9. Which of the following is not a water pollinated plant;

A. Zostera

B. Vallisneria

C. Hydrilla

D. Cannabis

Ans: D

10. An embryo may sometimes develop from any cell of embryo sac other than egg. It is termed as :

A. Apsopory

B. Apogamy

C. Parthenogenesis

D. Parthenocarpy

Ans: B

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