Sexual reproduction in flowering plants Questions with Answers

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants Questions with Answers

Before we discuss about these Sexual reproduction in flowering plants questions with Answers, we have to know Sexual reproduction in flowering plants is the most important topic in biology so kindly do check it. our live learns team prepared these questions for NEET, AIIMS,JIPMER and others medical or competitive exams.

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

1. The outermost and innermost wall layers of microsporangium in an anther are respectively:

A. Endothelium and tapetum

B. Epidermis and endodermis

C. Epidermis and middle layer

D. Epidermis and tapetum

Ans: D

2. During microsporogenesis, meiosis occurs in;

A. Endothelium 

B. Microspore mother cell

C. Microspore tetrads

D. Pollen grains

Ans: B

3. Non essential floral organs in a flower are:

A. Sepals and Petals

B. Anther and ovary

C. Stigma and filament

D. Petals only

Ans: A

4. Anther is generally:

A. Monosporangiate

B. Bisporangiate

C. Tetrasporangiate

D. Tetrasporangiate

Ans: C

5. Tapetum’s function is;

A. Dehiscence

B. Mechanical

C. Nutrition

D. Protection

Ans: C

6. In angiosperm various stages of reductional division can best be studied in:

A. Young anthers

B. Mature anthers

C. Young ovules

D. Endosperm cell

Ans: A

7. Triple fusion in capsella bursa pastoris is fusion of male gamete with;

A. Egg

B. Synergid

C. Secondary nucleus

D. Antipodals

Ans. C. Secondary nucleus

8. Father of Indian embryology is:

A. P. Maheswari

B. Swaminathan

C. R. Mishra

D. Butler

Ans: A

9. ______________ is not an endospermic seed:

A. Pea 

B. Castor

C. Maize

D. Wheat

Ans: A

10. What is the function of germ pore?

A. Emergence of radicle

B. Absorption of water for seed germination

C. Initiation of pollen tube

D. All of these

Ans: C

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