Top 50 Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Top 50 Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Social workers help people solve problems in their lives and in the lives of their families. This includes helping people to get jobs, manage money, get access to medical care, etc. In the current scenario, there is a high demand for social workers. There are several types of social work and different ways to become a social worker. Social work is a rewarding career and it is a noble profession.

Social Work is a profession that aims to help people enhance the quality of their lives. There are a number of different occupations within the field of social work, each having its own responsibilities and duties. Social Work Multiple Choice Questions and Answers will help you understand the various responsibilities and duties of a social worker. UGC NET Social Work MCQ Questions Answers will help you understand the various responsibilities and duties of a social worker. These questions are framed keeping the UGC NET Social Work syllabus in mind so that you can practice for your UGC NET exam.

1. Which legal body has the power to enforce the fundamental rights in India?

a) Parliament of India

b) Supreme Court of India

c) Human Right Commission

d) Ministry of Home affairs

Answer- Supreme Court of India

2. Who was the first professor of social administration appointed in the Landon school of Economics?

a) Richard Titmus

b) Alcock

c) Miller

d) George

Answer- Richard Titmus

3. In social case work interview is an important?

a) Tool

b) Method

c) Techniques

d) Principle

Answer – Method

4. Which of the following is form of research typically conducted by teacher, counsellor and other professi onal to answer the questions and to solve local problems?

a) Action Research

b) Basic Research

c) Pure Research

d) orientation  Research

Answer – Action Research

5. The first legislation for social security I India was concerned with the >

a) Workmen compensations

b) Provident Fund to employee

c) Maternity Benefit

d) Insurance

Answer –Workmen Compensation

6. Who among the following has given the structural view of the society ?

a) Durkheim

b) Gidding

c) Maclever

d) Cooley

Answer –B-Gidding

7. The relations exist between a type of write and a type of desk  ban be called ?

a) Material

b) Cultural

c) Physical

d) Structural

Answer- C- Physical

8. Who among the following has given functional view of Society ?

a) Gidding

b) August Compte

c) Parson

d) Leacock

Answer –C-Parsons

9. Who among the following said “Man is a social animal “

1) Maclever

2) Freud

3) Aristotel

4) Rousseau

Answer –Aristotle

10. The social order is maintained largely by

a) Division of labour

b) Law

c) Socialization

d) State

Answer –Law

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Top 50 Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers PDF
Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers PDF

social work interview questions

11. ___________ is the means of cultural transmission

a) Education

b) Society

c) Language

d) Archeology

Answer –Language

12. Abbreviation  of CAPART

a) Council for advance for people actions and rural technology

b) Council for advance for people association and rural technology

c) Advancement of people association and rural transformation

d) Council of additional people association and rural technology

Answer – A – Council for advance for people actions and rural technology.

13. Community organizer,ecourge and provide direction and guidance to proceed in carrying out  the different activities as an

a) Catalyst

b) Advocator

c) Animator

d) Resource Mobilizer

Answer – B-Advocator

14. Who has compared society with an organism

a) Darwin

b) Darkheim

c) Maclever

d) Spencer

Answer –Spencer

15. Pick the correct order of the stages in the development

a) Repression, denial, projection, isolation, regression.

b) Oral ,anal phallic ,latency , genital

c) Birth , Child , adult , die

d) Phallic , oral ,latency ,genital .

e) Answer B – Oral ,anal phallic ,latency , genital

16. What is an example of regression?

a) Feeling of an ex- husband

b) Denying something ever took place

c) Returning to the earlier age to cope with the situation

d) Telling the truth

Answer – C -Telling the truth

17. Evaluation is self-based on reflection or social comparison is known as :

a) Self esteem

b) Self-awareness

c) Self-security

d) Self confidence

Answer – A –Self esteem

18. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act come into force in the year:

a) 2006

b) 2002

c) 1990

d) 2005

Answer – D- 2005

19.  Historically social policy relates to

a) Intervention and social redistribute type

b) Socially regulatory kind

c) Socially right kind

d) All the above

Answer – D- ALL the above

20. Who is considered as water Gandhi in India ?

a) Sundarlal Bahuguna

b) Rajendra Sing

c) Ana Hajare

d) Baba Amte

Answer – B- Rajendera Singh

Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers
Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers

21. Who identify the elit and popular social action?

a) Britto

b) M.G Roass

c) Friedlander

d) Antonio Gramsci

Answer –A

22. Which one of the following was lunched with the objective of helping the poor?

a) DPA[



d) DDP

Answer- C-TRYSEM

23. What are the objective of social policy?

a) Social change

b) Social Integration

c) Improvement of quality life

d) All the above

Answer- D-All the above  

24. Social Justice is balance between :

a) Individual right and social control

b) Society and Individuals

c) Fundamental right and judicial system

d) Individual and family

Answer – 3- Individual right and social control.

25. Which of the following is not the component of agency administration

a) The chief executive

b) The staff

c) The donor agencies

d) The beneficiaries

26. HIV Counseling VCTC referrer to:-

a) Volunteer Condom use training center.

b) Volunteer Counselling and testing center

c) Volunteer center for training and care

d) Volunteer care and treatment center

         Answer – B- Volunteer Counselling and testing center

27. The concept of personality nucleus was given by :-

a) Alport

b) Stendler

c) Shirley

d) Skilnner

Answer – C-Shirley

28. Social policy is  concerned with :

a) Intervention of government and other organization to meet human needs

b) Industrial development

c) Political development

d) Economic Development

Answer –A- Intervention of government and other organization to meet human needs

29.  Social Problem are treated with social reform and ______

a) Social legislation

b) Social Work

c) Social Science

d) Social service

Answer –A-Social legislation

30. Forcing thought to remain unconscious  in order to remain anxiety  that would result if there were conscious  is the definition of which Freudian defense mechanism ?

a) Denial

b) Isolation

c) Regression

d) Projection

Answer – D –Projection

social worker interview questions and answers

31. Which of the following estimates the national income in India?

a) Central Statistical organization

b) National income committee

c) Planning commission of India

d) Reserve Bank of India

Answer – A- Central Statistical organization

32. According to _________theory  a social movement will be more likely to succeed in createing social change if it can rise funds and attract organize members and build effective alliance with other  groups .

a) Resources mobilization

b) Structural contrariness

c) Philanthropy

d) Structural adjustment

Answer –Resources Mobilization

33. Identify the correct sequence of the social movement .

a) Cooperative movement             1. 1909

b) Chipko Movement                      2. 1973

c) Brahmo Samaj                             3. 1828

d) Narmada Bachao Andolan           4. 1989

a. A-1,b-2,c-3,d-4

b. C-1,b-2, a-3, 4-d

c. D-1,a-2, b-3,c-4

d. D-1, b-2, c-3, d-4

Answer  A-  A-1,b-2,c-3,d-4

34. The root of PRA Techniques can be trace to the method of the adult education  method of

a) Antonio Gramci

b) Paulo Faire

c) Jawaharlal Nehru

d) Blumber

Answer – B-Paulo Faire

35. The functional theories examined  the precondition of social movement ___________ was especially concerned  with the structural strain found in society as an initial condition of social movement

a) Neil Smelser

b) Charles Tilly

c) Sidney Torrow

d) Karl Max

Answer – Neil Smelser

36.  There are a number of conditions that increase participation in social movement which of the following condition involves the active framing of relevant issues.

a) Mobilizing the people

b) Justifying the movement

c) Framing the strategies

d) Optimum utilization of medias

Answer –B- Justifying the movement

38. _______ is the father of sociology.

a) August Comte

b) Durkheim

c) Spencer

d) Cooley

Answer – A –August Comte

39.  Who has described “ Society is a web of relationship”

a) Mead

b) Ogburn

c) Leacock

d) Maclver

Answer –D- Maclever

40. Which of the following is not the techniques of social case work?

a) Interview

b) Observation

c) Counselling

d) Lobbying

Answer- D-Lobbying

social work interview

41. Social Policy issues deals with the issues such as?

a) Poverty

b) Disability

c) Poor housing

d) All the above

Answer – D –All the above

42. According to the supreme court of India, social justice is

a) Living concept of the revolutionary impact

b) Judicial Mechanism

c) Social control measures

d) Social Defense

Answer –A- Living concept of the revolutionary impact

43. Who has described society as a moral community?

a) Email Durkheim

b) August Compte

c) C.H Cooley

d) Spencer

Answer –A- Email Durkheim

44.  Which of the following statement is false in describing high achievement motive?

a) They consistently get better grade in each chosen course.

b) They have desire to start a new business.

c) Thy try hard if they do poorly

d) They return to incomplete task

e) Answer –A- They consistently get better grade in each chosen course.

45. The book of “Indian economic policy preparing for twenty-first century is written by :

a) Biman Jalan

b) Y.V Reddy

c) Rangarajan

d) Monmohan Singh

e) Answer –A- Biman Jalan

46. Social policy is a part of

a) Public policy

b) Economic Policy

c) Politcal policy

d) Religions  Policy

Answer –A- Public Policy

47.  The social security measures adopted in ancient India by :

a) Kautilya

b) Suklacharya

c) Samudra Gupta

d) King Ashoka

Answer –C-Samudra Gupta

48. The Central Social Welfare Board was established in the year-

a) 1980

b) 1970

c) 1950

d) 1953

Answer –D-1953

49.  National Rural Development is situated at:-

a) Delhi

b) Shimla

c) Hyderabad

d) Mumbai

Answer –C-Hyderabad

50. According to Sigmund Freud the superego:-

a) The source of psyche motivation  such as sex and aggression

b) It is developed in the anal stage

c) Represent rationality and reality

d) Responsible for gender identity and sexual orientation

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