SSC MTS Questions And Answers

SSC MTS Havildar Questions And Answers

Here We Share the SSC MTS Havildar Questions And Answers because the SSC MTS Havildar 2022 Post is already live so here we share the best ssc mts previous year question paper and disscuss the 10 year previous questions paper. so well its all about the ssc mts question paper. check these mts previous year question paper for your upcoming SSC MTS, Havildar Notification 2022: 3603 posts will be recruitedSSC MTS and Havildar Combined Examination.

  1. Director General of Assam Rifles:

Answer: Lieutenant General Pradeep Chandran Nair

  1. Can a Governor pass an ordinance?

Answer: the Governor of a state can issue ordinances under Article 213 of the Constitution, when the state legislative assembly (or either of the two Houses in states with bicameral legislatures) is not in session. The ordinance making power is the most important legislative power of the President and the Governor.

  1. What is the length of Krishna River?

Answer: 1400 Km

  1. Full Form of DGP:

Answer: Director General of Police – highest ranking police in Indian state and Union Territory. · They are also known as State Police Chief.

  1. Battle of Thanesar happened in:

Answer: Battle of Thanesar, (also known as the Battle of the Ascetics) was fought on the eve of Solar eclipse holy bath fair on 9 April 1567, near Thanesar on the banks of the Sarsawati Ghaggar River in the state of Haryana.

  1. CTRL+W is used for:

Answer: Exit document

  1. Coins on which star has been made:

Answer: Coins with a star, split diamond or dot in diamond symbols below the year signify it that they are from Hyderabad mint. The mint was set up in the year 1903 by the then government of the Nizam, Hyderabad.

  1. Who is the Brand Ambassador for COVID-19 Vaccine in Punjab?

Answer: Sonu Sood has been made the brand ambassador for Punjab’s covid vaccination programme.

  1. World Animal Day is celebrated on:

Answer: 4th October

  1. Who won Miss Diva India (Universe) 2021 Title?

Answer: Harnaaz Sandhu

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  1. Todarmal was Diwan-i-kul in whose reign?

Answer: Akbar

  1. Master of Master Gland:

Answer: The hypothalamus is the master switchboard. It’s the part of the brain that controls the endocrine system. That pea-sized structure hanging below it is the pituitary gland. It’s called the master gland because it regulates the activity of the glands.

  1. Lai Haraoba festival is celebrated in which State?

Answer: Manipur

  1. Objective of 10th Five Year Plan:

Answer: The main objectives of the Tenth Five-Year Plan: Attain 8% GDP growth per year. Reduction of poverty rate by 5% by 2007. Providing gainful and high-quality employment at least to the addition to the labour force.


  1. National Highway NH-6 covers:

Answer: NH6 ran through Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal state in India. The highway passed through the cities of Surat, Dhule, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, Bhandara, Rajnandgaon, Durg, Raipur, Mahasamund, Sambalpur, Kharagpur, Kolkata.

  1. Mithi Virdi Nuclear Power Plant is located in:

Answer: Bhavnagar, Gujarat

  1. Who founded Vedanta College?

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  1. Melghat Tiger Reserve is in:

Answer: Amravati District of Maharashtra State in India

  1. Who is the current Prime Minister of Afghanistan?

Answer: Hasan Akhund (Acting) since 7 September 2021

  1. Who was the British PM at the time of the Revolt of 1857?

Answer: Lord Palmerston

SSC MTS 2021 Exam Memory Based Questions with Answers

  1. Which Island is located in the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  1. Hornbill festival is celebrated in which Indian State?

Answer: Nagaland

  1. Input Device ‘Joystick’ works like:

Answer: A joystick is also a pointing input device like a mouse – Cursor Control Device

  1. Which of the following is part of CPU?

Answer: CPU consists of Register (Memory Location), ALU, and Control Unit.

  1. Which is the First Female Hockey Player to receive Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

Answer: Rani Rampal

  1. Who is the Chief Justice of the Bangladesh Supreme Court?

Answer: Syed Mahmud Hossain since 2 February 2018

  1. Which of the following diseases is related to the eyes?

Answer: cataract and glaucoma

  1. When did the Battle of Badr happen?

Answer: 13 March 624 AD

  1. India’s Rank in World Press Freedom Index 2020:

Answer: 142nd

  1. Mayurakshi, Damodar, Rup Narayan are the tributaries of which river?

Answer: The tributaries of the Hooghly River are Mayurakshi, Jalangi, Ajay, Damodar, Rupnarayan, and Haldi rivers.

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11, Tennis Player Iga Swiatek belongs to which country?

Answer: Poland

  1. Which celebrity has been appointed as UNICEF India’s Celebrity Advocate for their global campaign EVAC (Ending Violence Against Children)?

Answer: Ayushmann Khurrana

  1. Who was the winner of the Cairns Chess Cup played in February 2020?

Answer: Humpy Koneru from India

  1. Which novel has been written by Punjabi Poet Amrita Pritam?

Answer: Pinjar (novel), Ajj aakhaan Waris Shah nu (poem), Suneray (poem)

  1. Electric Dipole Value:

Answer: the total charge in an electric dipole will be zero

  1. Which queen ruled in Bhopal from 1868 to 1901?

Answer: Shah Jahan Begum

  1. Full Form of LED:

Answer: Light-emitting diode

  1. Full Form of LCD:

Answer: Liquid Crystal Display

  1. Full Form of LASER:

Answer: Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

  1. Full Form of OLED:

Answer: Organic Light-Emitting Diode

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  1. Which Indian State has maximum Districts?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

  1. Legends of Pensam was written by:

Answer: Mamang Dai

  1. Which State is a part of the foothills of the Himalayas in Northeast India?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh is primarily a hilly tract nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northeast India.

SSC MTS 2021 Exam Memory Based Questions with Answers

  1. Which book is written by Indira Gandhi?

Answer: Indira Gandhi: Letters to an American Friend, 1950-1984; Indira Gandhi: My Truth; Indira Gandhi speaks on democracy, socialism, and Third World nonalignment; Remembered Moments – Some Autobiographical Writings of Indira Gandhi; Eternal India

  1. NIOS Full Form:

Answer: National Institute of Open Schooling

  1. Kishtwar National Park is located in:

Answer: Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir, India

  1. Rickets affects which body part:

Answer: Rickets is a condition that affects bone development in children

  1. Symbol of Magnesium:

Answer: Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg and atomic number 12. Classified as an alkaline earth metal, Magnesium is a solid at room temperature.

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  1. Chemical Name of Table Salt:

Answer: Sodium chloride

  1. Helping tributaries of Ganga:

Answer: left – Ramganga, Garra, Gomti, Ghaghara, Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Koshi, Mahananda; Right – Yamuna, Tamsa (also called Tons), Karamnasa, Sone, Punpun, Falgu, Kiul, Chandan, Ajoy, Damodar, Rupnarayan

  1. Name of place where birds are kept:

Answer: Aviary

  1. Who started Kesari Newspaper?

Answer: Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

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  1. ISL is related to which sport?

Answer: Indian Super League – Football: In the Indian football system, ISL is one of the two highest-level leagues, the second being the I-League. It is organized by the All India Football Federation and sponsored by Hero Motocorp. India’s first national football league began in 1996 with the National Football League.

  1. Constitution Day is celebrated on:

Answer: 26th November

  1. Citizenship is part of which article of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Part II of the Constitution of India (Articles 5-11) deals with the Citizenship of India.

  1. Right to Religion is part of which article of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Article 25 says “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order, morality, and health.”

  1. Which river falls in the Arabian Sea?

Answer: The major rivers of India are: Flowing into the Arabian Sea: Narmada, Tapi, Sindhu, Sabarmati, Mahi, Purna.

  1. When was Union Budget & Railway Budget separated?

Answer: The British had separated the Railway Budget in 1924 as a major part of the government revenues and the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

  1. FIFA was established in which year?

Answer: 21 May 1904, Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, France

  1. Vyas Award is given to:

Answer: The Vyas Samman is a literary award in India, first awarded in 1991. It is awarded annually by the K.K. Birla Foundation and includes a cash payout of Rs 4,00,000 (as of 2019). To be eligible for the award, the literary work must be in the Hindi language and have been published in the past 10 years.

  1. Where is Korobadur Temple located?

Answer: The monument is located in the Kedu Valley, in the southern part of Central Java, at the centre of the island of Java, Indonesia.

  1. Mechanical Energy is formed by which combination of energies:

Answer: potential energy and the kinetic energy

SSC MTS 2021 Exam Memory Based Questions with Answers:

  1. When the Indian National Flag was officially recognized?

Answer: The National Flag of India was adopted in its present form during an ad hoc meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 22 July 1947, a few days before India’s independence from the British on 15 August, 1947.

  1. Uttar Pradesh shares its border with how many states:

Answer: Uttar Pradesh shares its national border with nine different states, i.e., Uttarakhand to its north; Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi to its north-west; Rajasthan to its west; Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on the south; Jharkhand to the south-east and Bihar to its east.

  1. India’s Rank in Human Development Index 2020:

Answer: 131

  1. Full-Form of GUI:

Answer: Graphic User Interface

  1. Author of Akbar Nama:

Answer: Abul Fazal

SSC MTS 2021 Exam Important Topics

  1. ‘One school one IAS’ Scheme started in:

Answer: On 16 January 2021, the Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan officially launched the ‘One School One IAS’ program.

  1. Para Olympic First medal was won by:

Answer: Murlikant Petkar – India’s first medal, and also the first individual gold medal, was won in 1972 Games, when Murlikant Petkar swam the 50 meters freestyle in a world record time of 37.331 seconds.

  1. Matki Dance is associated with which state?

Answer: Matki is performed by women of the Malwa region on the wedding and festival of Madhya Pradesh.

  1. World’s largest floating solar plant is going to be constructed on which river?

Answer: The world’s largest solar power plant with 600 MW capacity is being set up on Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh.

  1. Neeraj Chopra is the brand ambassador of:

Answer: Tata AIA Life Insurance

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  1. Weight of Javelin:

Answer: 800gm

  1. Where is the Sugarcane Manufacturing Centre?

Answer: The Institute is located on Raibareli Road, Dilkusha (Post Office) in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

  1. Which King conquered Udaipur?

Answer: Akbar

  1. Javelin Day is celebrated on:

Answer: 7th August – The day Neeraj Chopra scripted history by winning the Olympic gold medal at Tokyo Olympics.

  1. Hydroelectric project on Krishna River:

Answer: Nagarjuna Sagar Dam project

  1. Battle of Plassey was fought in which year?

Answer: 23rd June 1757

  1. Who is the current Sports Minister?

Answer: Anurag Thakur is the current Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports

  1. Nawab of Bengal during Battle of Plassey:

Answer: The Battle of Plassey was fought in north-eastern India on 23 June 1757. Troops of the British East India Company, led by Robert Clive, came up against the forces of Siraj-ud-Daulah, the last Nawab of Bengal, and his French allies.

  1. The number of moles in molar mass:

Answer: amt given/ molar mass of water

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  1. Vitamin C is present in the highest amount?

Answer: Guava (amongst the options)

  1. The chemical name of Vitamin C:

Answer: Ascorbic Acid

  1. Bromine is which type of chemical element?

Answer: Bromine, a chemical element, a deep red noxious liquid, and a member of the halogen elements, or Group 17 of the periodic table. Bromine is a naturally occurring element that is a liquid at room temperature. It has a brownish-red color with a bleach-like odor, and it dissolves in water.

  1. The function of RBI:

Answer: Key functions of RBI are, banker’s bank, the custodian of the foreign reserve, controller of credit, and managing printing and supply of currency notes in the country.

  1. India’s Rank in Happiness Index:

Answer: 139

  1. Difference between DNA and RNA:

Answer: There are two differences that distinguish DNA from RNA: (a) RNA contains the sugar ribose, while DNA contains the slightly different sugar deoxyribose (a type of ribose that lacks one oxygen atom), and (b) RNA has the nucleobase uracil while DNA contains thymine.

  1. Who is the father of bacteriology?

Answer: Louis Pasteur

  1. Zn+ H2SO4 is the chemical formula for:

Answer: Zinc reacts with sulfuric acid to produce zinc sulfate and hydrogen.

29. Which article of the Indian constitution deals with discrimination against any Indian citizen on various grounds? –

Article 15

30. Silver Fiber Revolution is associated to:


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