Tears In Men’s Eyes

Tears in men’s eyes

This world is full of tears. Sometimes the essence of the heart is filled with tears and the flow of the eyes of the manifestation is able to wash away the unspeakable sorrow of the mind. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. The tears of the blood of this heart can be seen by all, but the tears of the creation remain invisible.

The world of tears is very strange. Men and women are created in this weirdness. A woman’s heart and mind are different from men’s. Because the definition of her soft heart is different from that of a man. In the midst of this difference, all the zodiac signs of the female world stand on the mountain of sorrow, bringing the world to perfection with the tears in the eyes and the tears on the lips. Tears well up in her eyes as she cleanses her face. The tears in Amania’s eyes are like the dew of autumn and the dew of autumn, which cleanses the mind of the woman and allows her to survive. In everyday life, women are not the only ones crying. Men, on the other hand, hide their masculinity from their eyes and shed tears. It is true that tears can be seen in the eyes of women, but no one can see the tears of unspeakable amnesia in men.

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The man could only feel the tears in his eyes. Men’s lives stand on end. The struggle is when he loses his life, when he wins. It is in the grief and happiness of losing, of winning. Tears of joy and sorrow flowed from her eyes. Even though the tears of losing and winning are the same, the tears of losing inspire him to walk the path of life. Sometimes he stumbles along this long road. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The tears in the eyes are not soaked in the eyes as in women, but only in the heart. It is true that no one can ever see this tear, but it can be read from the heart.

When the man is born from the womb, he breathes a sigh of relief. The roar creates the first tears in her eyes. Unable to bear the brunt of the trauma as his life went on, he was able to move forward with two tears in his eyes. She cries out for the breakup of her love affair and the separation of her lover from the pain of being a teenager. But society cannot see that. On her way to the wedding, her mother-in-law saw Kanjali Bandha and the tears in her eyes and said goodbye to her mother with two tears in her eyes. In the figurative walk of the world, both husband and wife walk away, sometimes the woman cheats and the next man grabs her hand, and the man cries out for the helpless pain. However, when there is no one to wipe away these tears, one can express one’s own mind and cherish one’s destiny. Sometimes the grief of losing a newborn son, a daughter, in the past creates a flood of tears in his eyes. The grief of losing a bereaved old parent brings tears to her eyes.

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There were no tears in the man’s eyes. Tears well up in her eyes until the end of her life. He gives his son and daughter in marriage a lot of hope. But after marriage, the son cries out for his son’s son-in-law’s behavior. She can’t help but cry. If a woman passes away at an advanced age, the man sheds tears, reminiscent of the past as the flow of life unites. While suffering from the effects of old age, the man who has spent the rest of his life chasing wealth, property, dignity, and honor, tears up his eyes as he thinks of the past. For the rest of his life, the man does not know what happiness is in life except hard work, earning money and family responsibilities. However, knowingly, the path is over. Now, lying on the bed, she cries out for the last few days of her life.

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Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard the sound of life-saving appliances and the chirping of strangers at the hospital in the darkness, and the sound of the voices of the visiting ambassadors. The man can understand the addiction of pursuing wealth all his life today. Because the wealth that he had earned with hardship will not go with him, nor will the wealth that can save him from death. Tears well up in her eyes as she thinks about this. The driver and staff were paid for the rest of their lives, but today there is no one to help them sleep on their own. Now he understands that not everything in life can be bought with money. Tears well up in her eyes as she thinks about it. The smell of remorse while sleeping on the operating table makes your eyes glaze over. But no one has the guts to look at the tears in their eyes. Only moments before the last breath of life, Ramanam was chanting, and as a passenger of the last voyage, tears flowed from his eyes as tears flowed from his eyes.

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