The Amarda Road Airstrip Was Included In The Udan Yojana

The plane will fly from Mayurbhanj! The six-seater aircraft will fly four times a week

Baripada: The plane will fly from Mayurbhanj. This time the plane will fly from the Amarda airstrip, which has been neglected for many years. The flight plan included the Amarda Road airstrip near Rasgobindpur in Mayurbhanj district.

Letter from Rasgobindpur-Amarda airstrip. The six-seater aircraft will fly four times a week. This was informed by Chief Secretary Suresh Mohapatra. Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar receives a letter from the Chief Minister’s Secretary-General on the operation of the Amarda airstrip. With the launch of the airstrip, tourism will flourish.

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Mayurbhanj district residents have been demanding the restoration of the airstrip for many years. Amarda airstrip in the Rasgobindpur block of Mayurbhanj district is the mute witness of World War II and the largest airstrip in Asia. Built on nearly 400 acres of land, the airstrip was built by the British government during World War II in 1936 and completed in 1801. It cost Rs 3 crore at the time.

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