The Rainy Season || Varsha Ritu OR Barsha Ritu || Indian Seasons


(Importance of rain in India-relieves us from the glare of the sun change in the look of the world importance of monsoon festivals abuses of rain)

Rain gets a deep gut response in India. India is an agrarian country. 70% of people in India depend on agriculture for their survival. And agriculture in India is a gamble of monsoon. For both Rabi crops and Kharif crops almost 90% of our cultivable land gets water from rain. Sprain means crop and crop is life.

India, being a tropical country, is a hot country. Although the summer, the glare of the Sun Torments reminds us. Rain relieves us from the glare of the sun. A phenomenal change takes place in nature. The sky remains overcast with clouds. Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains in torrents. Rivers, streams, canals, tanks and ponds become full to the brim with rain water. Shoals of fish swim about merrily. Fields get ready for cultivation. Farmers remain busy in fields. They don’t care about the fear arising from the rumblings of thunderstorms nor the lashing of drops of heavy rain.

Rain smothers the earth with a green blanket. Trees, grass, bushes and creepers grow well. Rain washes away dust from leaves and the foliage shines brightly. The sky presents a wonderful view during the rainy season. A clean sky in a blink of an eye becomes overcast with thick dark clouds. They chase one another at a maddening speed in the sky. In stormy nights flashes of lightning create dazzling patterns and artistic designs in the sky. They evoke fear and joy in our heart. Sun Rays being reflected in water vapours create enchanting rainbows in the sky.

In India, the rainy season starts towards the middle of June and lasts till the end of August. In India we get the major share of rain from the South-East monsoon wind. The monsoon wind reaches the coast of Kerala in the first week of June. Then it proceeds to other parts of India. At the outset of the rainy season the Meteorology Department informs people about the percentage of rain expected that year. Government machineries remain ready to face the challenges of flood and storm. Boats and relief materials are kept ready for rescue and relief operations. River embankments get repaired

Many festivals are observed in the rainy season. Most important of them are Sri Gundicha or Car festival of Land Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra at Puri, Bahuda Yatra, Chitalagi Amavasya, Vyas Pumima, Balabhadra Jayanti; Gamha Purnima or Rakshya Bandhan Bhagabat Jayanti, Khudurukuni Osha etc. These festivals add Testivity, gaiety and spirituality to life. Nothing in this world is an unmixed blessing. Water is life. There is a common saying that:

Excess of water ruins lite

deficiency of water ruins life.

Excess of rain creates havoc in the form of rain In. Rainy season water is contaminated easily and is a dreaded epidemic. like cholera, Jaundice and malaria. spread rapidly. The condition of villages and overflowing drains in cities create problems for neo As excess of water washes away crops and causes floods so scarcity of rain causes drought. So for a smooth living people pray god bless the world with moderate rain each year.

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