The Ramsar Convention was Signed in Which Year?

The Ramsar Convention was signed in which year?

[A] 1955

[B] 1961

[C] 1971

[D] 1998

Correct Answer: C [1971]


The Ramsar convention was signed in 1971. Ramsar is a city in Iran.


1.Who was the last independent ruler of Odisha?

2.Sisupalgarh was excavated in the year?

3.According to Raghuvamsam of Kalidasa, which territory was mentioned as a neighbor of Kalinga?

4.During the Ganga period Which among the following was/ were the main exporting commodities?

5.Who wrote the Mahabharata in the Oriya language?

6.Who founded Utakal Brahmo Samaj in Odisha?

7.When did Debendranath Tagore join Brahmo Samaj?

8.Railway in coastal Odisha started in?

9.Who gave the title “Utkalmani” to Gopabandhu Das?

10.When did the Salt satyagraha under the leadership of Gopabandhu Chaudhury reach Inchudi?

11.Which among the following is/ are the natural lakes situated in Odisha?

12.The scale of soil acidity measures the concentration of which of the following?

13.Brown forest soil in Odisha found in which among the following districts?

14.What is the name of the longest tributary of the Subarnarekha river?

15.Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the delta of which river?

16.Salandi and Matai are the important tributaries of which river?

17.Arrange the following rivers of Odisha in ascending order of their length.

18.Mahanadi river flows through which among the following states?

19.Hundru falls is situated over which river?

20.Groundnut production is highest in which district of Odisha?

21.When soil remains in its original position it is called?

22.Which state has the largest area affected by Soil erosion?

23.Barehipani Waterfalls is situated on the course of which river?

24.“Matsya Tirtha” is another name for which waterfalls?

25.Which among the following is/ are Rabi crops of Odisha?

27.Which site of Odisha is famous for its saltwater crocodiles and olive ridley sea turtles?

28.What is the rank of Odisha in terms of per-capita dependence on forest for Bamboo?

29.Bhitarkanika Mangrove is situated in the deltas of which river pairs?

30.Iron ore was first discovered in which district of Odisha?

31.What is the name of the important species of Chilika lake?

32.What type of forest covers the maximum geographical area of Odisha?

33.What is the rank of Odisha in terms of dependence on forests for fuelwood?

34.What type of forest is responsible for providing raw materials to the paper industry of Odisha?

35.“Mugger Crocodile scheme” at Ramatirtha, Jashipur was started in which year?

36.What is the name of the dam which is located within the Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary?

37.Odisha enjoys hegemony over the production of which of the following minerals?

38.What is the rank of Odisha in Manganese production?

39.Which district of Odisha is the main source of Tin ore in Odisha?

40.What is the percentage contribution of the Industry sector in total GDP of Odisha (2019-20)?

41.Which among the following IT parks is/ are situated in Odisha?

42.What is the smallest National highway of Odisha?

43.Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) was launched in which year?

44.The first train ran in Odisha in which year?

45.Airport Authority of India (AAI) was founded in which year?

46.Who was the editor of the newspaper “Asha”?

47.Kalahandi falls under which postal circle of Odisha?

48.DD Odia channel was launched in which year?

49.Which of the following is the first online magazine of Odisha?

50.Which of the following ministers from the Central Government actively participated in The merger of the Princely States with Odisha?

51.Who was the speaker of the first post-independent assembly of Odisha?

52.Odisha State Vigilance was created in which year?

53.The subordinate courts work under which of the following authority?

54.The word ‘Lok Adalat’ means?

55.The Chief Minister is Excluded within the jurisdiction of Lokayukta in which among the following states?

56.The circuit court of Patna High Court held its first sitting at which place?

58.What is the minimum population criteria needed to set up a Gram Panchayat?

59.How many Municipal Corporations are there in Odisha?

60.Which of the following districts of Odisha is the largest by area?

61.Which of the following caves of Odisha is a limestone cave?

62.Which among the following tourist places is/ are situated in Nayagarh district?

63.Which among the following tribes is/ are found in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha?

64.Which district of Odisha has the maximum forest cover as per the Forest survey, 2011?

65.Which among the following archaeological sites of Odisha is situated in Jharsuguda district?

66.Which of the following temples of Odisha is a Panchayatana temple?

67.Which of the following temples of Odisha is the first temple to have the entrance hall attached with the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’?

68.Which of the following forts is regarded as the biggest medieval fort in Odisha?

69.Who is considered as the Kabi Samrat of Odia literature?

70.Most of the paintings of the Kissan tribal community depict which of the following activities?

71.Jagannath Das is famous in which of the following traditions of Odisha?

72.Prahlad Natak belongs to which of the following districts of Odisha?

73.Abhima Sundar Gotipua Nrutya Parishad is located in which of the following districts of Odisha?

74.The grand gathering of Taratarini Mela in Odisha takes place on which of the following days of Chaitra month?

75.Who is the director of the Odia movie Phula Chandana?

76.Who among the following is a famous weightlifter of Odisha?

77.Which of the following sportspersons of Odisha won three gold medals in 2009 Commonwealth Games?

78.Which of the following sportspersons of Odisha won two silver medals in 2018 ‘Asian Games’ held in Jakarta?

79.The Padma Vibhushan Award was received by Odiyan Personalities how many times?

80.The acceleration of Women’s education in Odisha was marked by setting up which of the following schools?

81.Biju Patnaik Sports Award was instituted in which year?

82.Which of the following is the highest literary award of Odisha?

83.Who is the recipient of the Kalinga Kaurwaki Award 2018?

84.Who of the following personalities of Odisha is/ are recipients of the Padma Shri in 2019?

85.Tarun Kanti Mishra won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2019 for which of the following books?

86.The Right to Education Act, 2009 was implemented in Odisha in which year?

87.All Indian Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) is located in which of the following places of Odisha?

88.SC and ST population of Odisha constitutes what percent of the total population?

89.Which of the following tribes of Odisha are treated as low among the other tribes?

90.Which of the following districts of Odisha has the highest population growth?

91.Which of the following districts of Odisha has the highest population growth?

92.Which of the following districts of Odisha has the lowest sex ratio as per census 2011?

93.What is the main objective of the ‘Jalsathi’ program launched in Odisha?

94.Mission Purvodaya which is aimed at making Odisha the steel hub of India is a joint venture between the Government of India and which of the following countries?

95.As per the recent report published on 24th February 2020, the dolphin population has been reduced to almost half in which of the following sanctuaries of Odisha?

96.As per the new annual budget 2020-21, Odisha planned to transform which of the following cities as the World Heritage City?

97.What is the rank of Odisha in the list of Gross Net Domestic Product for the year (As per the report in 2020-21)?

98.What is the objective of Gangadhar Meher Sikhya Manakbrudhi Yojana of Odisha?

99.What is the main objective of the ‘MAMATA’ scheme launched in Odisha?

100.The recent budget of Odisha (2020-21) planned to provide what amount of money to Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) for agricultural education, infrastructure, research?

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