The Spring Season Indian Seasons


The trumpet of a prophecy! O wind,

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

(Ode to the West Wind”. P. B. Shelley)

(Introduction – spring, the loveliest season time of the season – effects on earth time of celebration – least felt season-conclusion)

Seasons come and go, one after another in a perfect order,in perfect time,since time immemorial. It will continue to move in the same order, with the same perfectness till the deluge. The cycle of season reveals to us the wonders of creation. Only the learned ones realize them.

The cycle of seasons is broadly divided into five seasons. Summer, Rain, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Autumn has two divisions :Early Autumn Late Autumn. 

Spring is the loveliest of all seasons. After the scorching Sun, the lashing rain, the dewy autumn, and the chilly winter comes the monarch of the season Spring. It is a season of colour, fragrance, good-health and good-will. Spring refreshes us and makes us ready to face the hard realities of life again.

February and March are known as the spring season. In our calendar Magha and Phalgun are counted as spring time. It is a period of transition from chilly winter to hot summer. Temperature remains moderate. Vernal wind blows from the south. This breeze is invigorating and refreshing. Life starts again after winter. hibernation. Flowers of all possible colours and scent bloom everywhere. The earth seems to be in a garb of multi coloured dazzling saree. Butterflies continue to fly from flower to flower. Cuckoos make the day delightful and nightingales the nights enchanting.

Spring is a time of celebration. In spring we celebrate Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, Magha Saptami, Dola Utsav and Holi. Dola and Holi are festivals of colour. People of all religions, all caste, all creeds come out to participate in this festival of brotherhood, humanity and joy. This festival gives all a sense that we are all human beings. It is a wonderful festival of joy and colour. 

Spring, the loveliest season is becoming the least felt season. If the rate of pollution continues at the present rate then in a decade or so spring will be a matter of the past. There will be one dominating season covering seven or eight months of years twelve, i,e. the Summer season. We are recklessly polluting our atmosphere with industrial effluents and auto exhaust. They poison our atmosphere with many toxic elements like hydrocarbons, carbon- monoxide, lead etc. Due to their presence and due to deforestation and green-house effect the temperature of our earth is rising. The span of winter has shortened. We cannot know when spring comes and passes away. To retain the charm of spring we have to be careful.

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