The Vedic Era Questions & Answers | Top GK Questions and Answers

The Vedic Era Questions & Answers | Top GK Questions and Answers

The Indus Valley Civilisation was followed by another great civilisation and culture known as Vedic ERA . The Aryans were the originators of the civilisation. Here, we the team LIVE LEARNS are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers on the Vedic Civilisation and Culture which are designed to the evolving nature of different competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, IAS-prelims, SSC, CDS, NDA, NAVY, and Railways etc.

1. Which of the following terms is used for a ‘school’ of learning and teaching the branches of Vedas?

A. Shakha

B. Charna

C. Ratha

D. Yajna

Ans: C

2. The earliest evidence of banking transactions in India comes from_

A. Vedic Era

B. Maurya Era

C. Gupta Era

D. Mediaeval Era

Ans: B

3. Which among the following is considered to be the oldest veda?

A. Samaveda

B. Yajurveda

C. Rigveda

D. Atharvaveda

Ans: B

4. The hymns of Rigveda were composed by?

A. Udigatri

B. Hotri

C. Adharvyas

D. Nakshotri

Ans: A

5. “Ayurveda” has its origin in:

A. Rigveda

B. Samveda

C. Yajurveda

D. Atharva Veda

Ans: D

6. Two popular assemblies of the Vedic period were:

A. Sabha and Mahasabha

B. Mahasabha and Ganasabha

C. Sabha and Samiti

D. Ur and Kula

Ans: C

7. The Rigvedic Aryans were governed by a :

A. Tribal republic

B. Form a democracy

C. Monarchical government

D. Rule by elders

Ans: C

8. In the Vedic period ‘Varna’ system was based on _

A. Education

B. Birth

C. Occupation

D. Talent

Ans: C

9. The crop which was not known to Vedic people is:

A. Barley

B. Wheat

C. Rice

D. Tobacco

Ans: D

10. The name of the Indian Astronomer who lived in the 6th century was_

A. Varahamihir

B. Bhandarkar

C. Pujyapada

D. Prasastapada

Ans: A

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