Top Most 05 World Heritage Sites by UNESCO


Across the globe Currently there are 1121 number of heritage sites that are being considered and counted by UNESCO. Out of these 1121 number of heritage sites 869 number of heritage sites are considered as cultural and 213 are considered as Natural sites. Places that are considered in the Indian heritage sites include Ajanta and Ellora caves ,the Taj Mahal ,the Agra Fort ,the fatehpur sikri,  the Sunderbans and many more are included in this list. The list is going and never ending as India has a very beautiful heritage and culture.


The Humayun’s Tomb which is also known as Humayun ka maqbara was the tomb of the great mughal emperor Humayun.  At present it is situated in Delhi , India. Empress Bega Begum who was also known as Haji Begum was the first wife of Emperor humayun and also the chief consort made the tomb built in 1558. The chief architect for the project was Mirak Mirza Ghiyas and his son Sayyid Mohammed and some other persian architects which were chosen by her. 

In the Indian subcontinent,  it was the first ever garden tomb and is located in Nizamuddin east Delhi , India which is close to the Dina paneh citadel also called as the purana qila or the old fort which was also founded by Humayun in 1553.  It was the year 1993 when the tomb was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO .


In the area of the Golaghat , karbi anglong ,  and the Nagaon district of the state of Assam , this National park is situated.  This sanctuary has hosted almost 2/3rd of the world’s one horned rhinoceros and is considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.  The population of the Rhinos in the Kaziranga National Park is around 2413 according to the census which was held in March 2018 and was conducted jointly by twasForest Department of the government of Assam , and also some of the recognized wildlife NGOs . Out of the total 1641 adult rhinos , 642 were males , 794 were females and 203 rhinos were unsexed. 387 were sub-adults out of which 116 males and 149 females were there and 122 were unsexed. And the remaining 387 were calves. 


In the bay of bengal , the delta that is formed by the confluence of the Ganga river , Brahmaputra river and the Meghna river  gave us the Sundarbans which lies in the Mangrove area . In the Indian state of west bengal , it spans from the Hooghly river till the River Baleshwar in the area of Khulna which is present in Bangladesh currently.  Closed and open Mangrove forests are composed of them , it also comprises land that is used for the purpose of agriculture , barren land and mudflats.  It is intersected by various tidal streams and also the channels. The protected areas in the Sunderbans are four in total which are enlisted as the World Heritage Sites are the Sunderbans National park , Sunderban south , Sunderban West , Sunderban east and Sunderbans wildlife sanctuaries. In the 2020 assessment,  despite all these restrictions and things , the sunderbans were considered endangered in the framework of IUCN red list of ecosystems.  

A total area of 10000 square kms  is covered by the Sundarban Mangrove forest out of which 6017 square kms lies in the Khulna division of Bangladesh and 4260 square km is extended in the West Bengal division.  

Most abundant species present are the Sundri and the Gewa trees . Habitat is provided by the forest to 453 fauna species, which includes 290 birds, 120 fish , 42 mammal and various amphibian species and reptile species. 


The great living chola temples are also considered as a World heritage site by UNESCO which is a group designated to the Chola dynasty era , the temple of the hindus in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. 

The monument which were completed in the early 11th and 12th century CE includes 




      In 1987 , the Temple complex at Thanjavur was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. In the year 2004 later on , the Airavatesvara temple and the Brihadisvara temple complex were added as an extension to it. 


The chhatrapati shivaji maharaj terminus is the very historic railway station and also a World heritage site by UNESCO that is situated in Mumbai , Maharashtra at present day. 

The former name of the terminus was Victoria Terminus and also the Bori Bunder Railway station. It was opened 168 years ago in the year of  1853. And was soon rebuilt in 1888 , 133 years later. 

Fredrick William Stephans who was a british born architect had designed the terminus from the design of Axel Haig which was then executed in the Italian Gothic Style.  It’s construction started in the year 1878 and took around years when it was completed by the year 1888. 

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