Upcoming Film In Bollywood

Ranbir Singh’s Upcoming Film ‘Jayesh Bhai Zordar’ will be released on May 13.

Bollywood doesn’t know who Ranbir Singh is In his performance, the audience reigns supreme All of his films are always hits Very good news for the audience Kapil Deb, actor Ranbir Singh, has shared a video of his upcoming film ‘Jayesh Bhai Jordaar’ on social media. In it, he appears in a variety of roles. In the video, Ranbir introduces himself in a different way.

Ranbir also shared a video of the release date of the film. “Jayesh Bhai Jordar” will be released on May 13, he said Sharing the video, Ranbir wrote, “Hello, how many heroes have you seen?” For example, the hero with money, the hero with wealth, the hero with dancing with the whites, the hero with police, the hero with goons, the hero with horseback riding, the hero with outdoors, the hero with red shoes, the hero with double rolls, and so on. But you’ve never seen such a hero. That is Jayash Bhai and his work is strong The video has been well-received on social media. Which is going viral