Verb Tenses | How Can I Use Them Correctly | Learn English Grammar

Tense Learn English Grammar in Lockdown
Choose the correct forms of verbs:

Here you Learns the correct verb and correct form of tense Learn English Grammar in just one months of Lockdown!

  1. Look! The man_________________________________________.
    A. is falling B. is going to fall
    C. will fall D. falls
  2. You are late, you ____________________________ the train.
    A. will miss B. are missing
    C. are going to miss D. are going to missing
  3. What time does the match ___________-?
    A. began B. begun
    C. begin. D. beginning
  4. I _____________________sixteen next week.
    A. will be. B. am going to be
    C. am being D. None of these
  5. I _________________________well last night.
    A. sleep B. slept
    C. sleeping D. was slept
  6. He ________ cold water on my phone.
    A. throw B. thrown
    C. threw. D. is throwing
  7. Shall I meet you at 2pm. No I _________________then.
    A. rest B. is resting
    C. will rest D. will be resting
  8. Water ____________________ at 100• celcius.
    A. boils B. boil
    C. boil D. is boiling
  9. I wish I _______________ wings.
    A. have B. had
    C. will have D. would have
  10. I ___________________for Delhi tomorrow.
    A. am leaving B. leave
    C. left D. will be leaving
  11. He __________ for two hours.
    A. is working B. has worked
    C. had been working D. has been working
  12. Death __________________________to everyone sooner or later.
    A. came B. is coming
    C. Comes D. come
  13. My house__________ east.
    A. faces B. is facing
    C. faced D. Has faced
  14. When we arrived, they ___________________ lunch.
    A. had B. were having
    C. had been D. have
  15. The patient_____________ before the doctor came.
    A. died B. has died
    C. had died D. has been died
  16. I ________do it now.
    A. shall B. have
    C. Shall be D. am
  17. Delhi ____________________ on Yamuna.
    A. is standing B. stand
    C. stood D. Stands
  18. We ______________________ here since 1947.
    A. have been living B. have lived
    C. are living D. Live
  19. We _________________ each other for the past ten years.
    A. know B. have known
    C. Knew D. had known
  20. I ____________________ the letter yet.
    A. didn’t write B. haven’t written
    C. hadn’t written D. am not writing
  21. While they bathed, we ____________.
    A. were fishing B. are fishing
    C. fished D. Fish
  22. The Hindu widows _______________________ themselves along with their husbands.
    A. burn B. burns
    C. burnt D. are burning
  23. The Mughals ______________ the battle of Panipat.
    A. have won B. had won
    C. win D. won
  24. The servent ___________________ when called.
    A. didn’t come B. has not come
    C. don’t come D. had not come
  25. I _____________________ the exercise by 10 o’ clock.
    A. have finished B. shall have finished C. had finished
    D. have been finishing
  26. We ________________ to the cinema last night.
    A. have gone B. had gone
    C. went D. were going
  27. He told me that she __________ I’ll for six days.
    A. was B. is
    C. has D. had
  28. He ________________ home before the sun sets.
    A. reaches B. will reach
    C. will have reached D. has reached
  29. A moment ago he__________________a strange news.
    A. has heard B. heard
    C. had heard D. hears
  30. He _______________ me a story just now.
    A. tells B. has told
    C. is telling D. told
  31. By this time tomorrow I ______________________ home.
    A. shall reach B. had reached
    C. shall have reached D. have reached
  32. You will have reached home before , the rain________________________________.
    A. has set in B. sets in
    C. is setting in D. was setting in
  33. There ________________________________ the bus.
    A. goes B. is going
    C. has gone D. went
  34. School _______________________ again on January 2nd.
    A. started B. has started
    C. starting D. starts
  35. She ________________________________________ next week.
    A. is married B. is marrying
    C. is being married D. marries
  36. Bali ________________ this book since January last.
    A. had been reading B. has been reading C. read
    D. has read
  37. I _____________ my fountain pen.
    A. have lost B. Lose
    C. am losing D. has lost
  38. I _______________ a dozen of mangoes yesterday.
    A. buy B. am buying
    C. bought D. was bought
  39. I ____________ television whenever I can.
    A. watch B. am watching
    C. Watched D. have watched
  40. Ashok is doing his homework now. He usually _______________ it at night.
    A. do B. done
    C. is doing D. does
  41. I _________ the matriculation by June next.
    A. will pass B. have passed
    C. will have passed D. will have been passed
  42. The British_______________ India for many years.
    A. were ruling over B. had ruled over
    C. had been ruling D. ruled over
  43. When the chief guest arrived he __________ a guard honour.
    A. gave B. is given
    C. was given D. was being given
  44. As soon as alarm clock rang, I _____________.
    A. wake up B. waked up
    C. woke up D. weakened up
  45. I am out of breath because I _ round the play ground.
    A. am running B. have run
    C. have ran D. have been running
  1. The tree are wet. It ________ .
    A. is raining B. has rained
    C. has been raining D. will have been raining
  2. Smita ____________ by train next week.
    A. is going to return B. will be returning
    C. is returning D. will have been returning
  3. I’d like to come, but I am afraid __________ time.
    A. Won’t have B. haven’t
    C. hadn’t D. None of the above
  4. Leave that. I ____________ for you.
    A. am going to carry B. will carry
    C. am carrying D. shall be carrying
  5. Our teacher _____________ here will be next five years.
    A. will be working B. am working
    C. was working D. worked

Answer key:

  1. B, 2. C, 3. C, 4.A, 5. B , 6. C, 7. D, 8. A, 9. B, 10. A, 11. D, 12. C, 13. A, 14. B, 15. C, 16. A, 17. D, 18. A, 19. B, 20. B, 21. C, 22. C, 23. D, 24. A, 25.B, 26. C, 27.A, 28. C, 29. B, 30. D, 31. C, 32. B, 33. A, 34. D, 35. C,37. A 38. C, 39. A, 40.D, 41. C, 42. D, 43.C, 44.C, 45. D, 46. C, 47. C, 48. A, 49.B, 50. A

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