Viruses and Viroids Questions & Answers For Medical Exams

Viruses and Viroids Questions & Answers For Medical Exams

Before we discuss about these Classification of Viruses and Characteristics of Viruses questions with Answers, we have to know is the most important topic in biology for GPAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR NET, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam and all  medical exams. so kindly do check it. Our live learns team prepared these questions with answers for you free in pdf format. It is easy to ace your exam.

Viruses and Viroids Questions & Answers

1. Viral nucleic acid integrated with host genophore is called__

(2) macrophage

(1) bacteriophage

(4) prophage

(3) cyanophage

Ans. (4)

2. Smallest known agents of infectious diseases are

(2) bacteria

(1) viruses

(4) bacteroides

(3) viroids


3. AIDS is caused by virus___

(2) x 174

(1) SV40

(4) all of these


Ans. (3)

4. The causal organism of leaf roll of potato 1s

(2) Potato virus Y

(1) Potato virus

(4) both (1) and (2)

(3) Potato virus 1

Ans. (3)

5. Which of the following is a viral disease

(1) Citrus canker

(2) Tikka disease of groundnut

(3) Bunchy top of banana

(4) Wilt of cabbage


6. Sometimes when a virus attacks a bacteria. rium, neither the virus multiplies nor the bacteria terium dies. This phenomenon is called________

(1) adsorption

(2) assimilation

(3) lysogeny

(4) viral stability


7. Naked DNA containing virus is__________

(2) adenovirus

(1) reovirus

(4) poliovirus

(3) ribovirus


8. Who isolated the AIDS virus ?

(1) Robert Gallo

(2) Lwoff and Wollman

(3) R.L. Shinsheirmer

(4) S.B. Prusiner


9. Virus can not reproduce on its Own because

(1) it has undeveloped sex organs

(2) it can not reproduce at all

(3) it lacks the cellular machinery to use its genetic material

(4) none of these


10. Which one is a viral disease in silkworms ?

(2) Maggot disease

(1) Ilacherie

(4) Pebrine disease

(3) Muscardine


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