Water Pollution Everything You Have to Know


How can we check it ? Do we pollute it in the name (What is water pollution-major sources of pollution of religion preventive steps to be taken). Here we are going to discus about the major things that you really need to know. So, let’s Know about the pollutions of water.

Pollution has many dimensions and faces and water. Water pollution means destruction of purity of natural water sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, seas with pollutants like sewage and industrial effluents.

Water is life. By polluting water a man is striking an axe at his own legs. Water occupies two thirds the space of the earth. And man’s recklessness has already polluted 70% of this vast water resource of the earth.

Man pollutes water in all possible ways. Major sources of marine-pollution are oil-spillage from ships carrying oil. The sewage and garbage dumped into the sea also contaminated sea-water. Sometimes some power-cruzy nations carry on experiments with atomic explosions in the depth of the sea, killing innumerable sea animals and polluting sea-water and the surrounding atmosphere with radio-active elements. Marine-pollution has now reached such an alarming situation that a concerted effort by all nations is required to combat it. The UNO must take initiative to ban atomic explosions in seas.

Major pollutants of river water are the industrial effluent and discharges loaded with toxic substances are being dumped intc domestic sewage discharged into the rivers flowing by such different rivers every We can check such type of pollution by UStTies and cities. Large quantities of municipal sewage and actors through big tanks where there will be fish which will eat out g-treatment programmes. Such sewage will pass through taking up and bacterias. Some plants grow on sewage and make the water clean. The toxic industrial wastes should be treated and processed first so that they would be free of toxic substances before flowing into rivers.

We also pollute water in the name of religion. We worship rivers as mothers but we use its bed as latrines. We dumpcarcaseses, wastes, and corpses into river streams. We immerse images painted with deadly chemicals in rivers and ponds. On occasions We sail paper and cork boats and throw leaf pačkets into rivers and ponds and don’t even bother to see how water is affected by our actions.

In order to check water pollution there should be strict rules in regard to the observation of pollution rules and regulations and the guilty should be severely punished. Chemical industries, fertilizer

Companies, breweries, tanneries, paper and sugar mills should not be allowed to be located on the banks of the rivers and the coasts of the seas. The government of India passed an Act in 1974 to control water pollution. In 1980 another Act was passed to prevent air pollution. Finally the Department of Environment was created as an independent agency in November, 1980. However the government agències work in a symbolic manner. Only awareness of people can check water pollution. To pollute water means taking poison willingly.

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