What Companies are in the basic industries field

What Companies are in the basic industries field

Basic industries like soil, oil, steel, and mining are essential to production for everyday. Explore what companies are in the basic industries field.

  • Basic industries provide materials and energy sources essential to production.
  • Basic industries fields produce commodities like oil, steel, and chemicals.
  • Companies in these fields often sell to manufacturers rather than consumers.
  • These industries can provide diverse, well-paying, and in-demand jobs.

In 2019, the United States exported a total of $1.6 trillion in goods, making it the second largest exporter in the world. Basic industries, including key sectors like mining, agriculture, and energy, represent some of the largest exports in the United States.

For example, the nation’s largest exports are mineral fuels, including oil; these fuels account for a large percentage of total American exports and billions of dollars in annual revenue. Organic chemicals are another large export, also accounting for nearly billions in annual revenue.

What Is Basic Industries?

Basic industries provide the raw materials and energy sources essential to production within other industries. Companies in the basic industries fields often sell products directly to manufacturers instead of consumers because they are foundational to producing key products and services. For example, the steel industry is integral to producing vehicles and appliances that are sold directly to consumers.

Because basic industries are highly dependent on natural resources, products like metals, fuels, and edible crops are often intended for export instead of domestic sale. In some cases, key products can be used as economic leverage or can incentivize trade partnerships between countries.

What Are the Types of Basic Industries?

  • Agriculture is the production of crops specifically used for food supply. Almost half of the land area in the United States is designated for agricultural purposes. The midwestern United States, specifically, produces large quantities of soy, wheat, and corn.
  • Oil and gas have been used as leading sources of energy since the 19th century. Oil is burned as fuel and is frequently used to create heat and electricity. Similarly, natural gas is mined and distributed through pipelines.
  • Mining is a process in which resources like minerals, metals, and coal are extracted from the earth. In 2020, American mines extracted about $82 billion in raw minerals.
  • Steel is a ubiquitous building material because of its toughness, malleability, and relatively low cost. This metal is produced by mixing carbon and iron at temperatures above 2,600 degrees. It is essential to producing vehicles, buildings, and other infrastructures.
  • The paper and pulp industry uses wood materials to produce products like office paper, printed publications, cardboard, and packaging. This sector accounts for about 14% of overall wood consumption and 33-40% of globally traded wood products.
  • The chemical industry supplies industries with a wide range of gas and chemical products. These include artificial or lab-created materials like adhesives, elastomers, gels, monomers, and polyethylenes.

How Can I Get a Tech Job in the Basic Industries?

Basic industries account for a large number of jobs in the United States. These include a plethora of roles in tech, engineering, and IT.

Many well-established companies have career pages accessible on their websites. Job seekers can often browse roles in their desired field or location through company websites and submit applications.

Some larger corporations have partnerships with colleges or bootcamps; students and graduates can use these connections to pursue jobs or internships through their institution’s career center or alumni job boards.

Top Companies for Tech in the Basic Industries

Because of widespread demand for their products and materials, large multinational corporations lead many basic industries markets. The following companies lead basic industries markets in areas like energy, chemical manufacturing, mining, and metals.

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