What is Air Pollution Sources and it’s effects


What is air pollution ? Its sources  its effects steps to check it-conclusion 

The earth is the only planet in our solar system which is blessed with life. Murmuring Fountains, lush green meadows. sky-itching snow-covered peaks, chirping of birds, colours and fragrance of flowers, make this earth a magnificent place to live. The credit of all this goes to our biosphere which sustains all forms of life on this planet. The thin cover of air and water that encases the earth is known as the biosphere. Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide argon and water vapour constitute our biosphere. A harmonious balance of these components in our biosphere help life to survive. This balance is the source of energy banking on which the Civilization of man expands. Without a biosphere our planet will be 2sbaren and dry as Mars or Jupiter or Venus. But recklessness has become a great threat to the balance in the biosphere and. O-system. The greatest threat to our ecology is caused by air- Rapid industrialization and rapid increase in the number of vehicles pollution. in the tories release a great deal of sulphur-dioxide into air. The geographical limits, rich and poor, wise and foolish. It affects all equally. 

As air ignores borders, so also air pollution ignores geographical limits, rich and poor, wise and foolish. It affects all equally. Rapid istrialization and rapid increase in the number of vehicles pollution are the chief sources of air pollution. The burning of coal and diesel in the factories releases a great deal of sulphur-dioxide into the air. The greatest pollutant of Indian cities are two and three wheeler users which have highly polluting two-stroke engines. Such engines release a lot of hydrocarbons into the air. Even the use of lead free eco-friendly releases dreadly benzene into air. Benzene is a carcinogen. The air in cities is saturated with sulphur-dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, lead and benzene. Sulphur dioxide causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Carbon monoxide poisons blood. Hydrocarbons are carcinogenic in nature like benzene, Lead damages red blood cells and hurts the liver and kidneys. Lead is also feared to cause neurological damage. Children who have a high concentration of lead in their blood are found to be duller than those who have less concentration of lead. Even lead affects the babies growing in the womb of the mothers. And 90% of the airborne lead comes from auto exhausts.

So to combat back air pollution we have to make people aware how the exhaust of their vehicles is killing them silently. Proper engine maintenance can reduce emission level by 20 per cent. An effective mass communication system such as electric trams and busses will dissuade people from using cars and bikes. A well maintained bus pollutes the air less than cars which will carry the same number of passengers.

The next serious pollutants of air are fly-ash, shoot and dust. The stone-crushers fill our air with dust. Such dust contains different species of fungi and bacterias. With the increasing number of vehicles, stone-crushers and industries, it seems as if there is no escape from the snare of air pollution. Dr. Chan Chang-Chuan, a leading expert on air-pollution-related health disorders of Taiwan remarks-“There is no way to protect yourself. Wearing a surgical mask is ineffective

Air pollution has become the greatest threat to our existence Oneday it may outweigh the benefits of unchecked economic growth. The pollution has crossed all the tolerable limits. If no effecțive remedial measures are taken soon the results may prove catastrophic. vc belching smoke should not be allowed to run on the roads. Possessive of pollution free certificates by the owner of vehicles should Be compulsory. 

The Environmental department of the government must keep a  close vigilance on industries. Those who will be found guilty should be fined and punished in an exemplary way so that others would not dare to commit such mistakes.

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