The Admiration of the Indian Heritage

So let me tell you first what is Indian heritage before we know what is Admiration of the Indian Heritage


Heritage simply means what have we people inherited from our past and also from our ancestors. Our country India, is a land that has varied traditions and cultures. People from various castes and cultures have once resided on9 our land . All of them have contributed and gave their best in the formation of Indian history and also its culture.  

All of them have done their part and worked hard in the making of the history of India and its culture. India was made by nature as a distinct geographical entity. Our heritage is a very precious gift from our ancestors and also our older generations.  


Indian heritage and culture is very vast and bright due to the number of religious groups which reside in our country. It is well known that in the world each and every community has its well known traditions and customs which later on they pass to the younger generations. However throughout the time of several years some of our customs and traditions remain the same all over India. It is a well known fact that our traditions and culture train us to be a good human being and also inculcate good habits and manners. Thus for the formation of a harmonious society and to become a better human being our Indian culture and heritage is a very beautiful gift from our ancestors and our older generation. 


This responsibility should be taken by our elders to inculcate love for the heritage of India to our younger generations.  If we have to preserve our rich heritage,  then this step should be taken in the very beginning itself. This can be done in schools in primary classes itself by teaching the students about our Indian Heritage and also how it has been surviving from years and years. Also the fact that schools should pay attention in teaching the children about ways in preserving it and its importance. Through this way , students would be having a feeling of pride in them and also they would attain inspiration to continue it and also to pass it to the next generation. But this is not just the responsibility of school or parents alone. This is all together a collective responsibility of students, teachers and parents. 

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