When was Bhagat Singh born?

When was Bhagat Singh born?

A. 22 December 1909

B. 24 September 1906

C. 26 August 1908

D. 27 September 1907

Ans: D

Explanation: Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September 1907 in present-day Pakistan (Lyallpur, western Punjab). 


Q.1- When was Bhagat Singh born?

Q.2: Bhagat Singh was executed in which of the following case:

Q.3: When was Bhagat Singh executed?

Q.4: In connection with the Lahore Conspiracy Case, consider the following: 

Q.5: Bhagat Singh was executed at the age of ____. 

Q.6: An 18-foot tall bronze statue of Bhagat Singh was installed in ______. 

Q.7: On the 50th death anniversary of Bhagat Singh, a museum was inaugurated in his ancestral village. What is the name of the museum?

Q.8: Which among the following books is not written by Bhagat Singh?

Q.9: Which was the first film to be made on the life of Bhagat Singh?

Q.10: 5 rupees coin was released by RBI on the occasion of_____.

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