Why Does Not The Ink On The Voters Fingers Leave Soon?

The election is coming! Why doesn’t the ink on the voters’ fingers leave soon? Find out why

When it comes to voting, this is a question that almost always comes to mind. How safe will his vote be? And if anyone else votes in his name. Election officials cast their ballots and cast ballots on voters’ fingers. So the credit for the inking has been given to Sukumar Sen, the country’s first Chief Electoral Commissioner. So panchayat elections are going to be held in Odisha. Voters who cast their ballots will be blackmailed. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Why don’t fingerprints get released easily? What is it made of? So let’s find out why.

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In fact, the blue ink is applied to the fingers of the hand after people have voted. This ink on the fingers does not last long. This is done so that a person cannot vote again after one vote. According to reports, Kali, which is used in elections, makes only one company in India. A company called Mysore Paint & Burns Limited produces this blue ink. The company, MBPL, does not sell the ink at retail. But the ink is bought by the government or election-related agencies. The company is the only authorized supplier of this full-color ink in India. The company has a special license issued by the National Research Development Corporation since 1922.

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In 1922, the Election Commission of India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Law, the National Physical Laboratory and the corporation, negotiated with the company to provide for the election. Silver nitrate is used to make this blue ink. After darkening, the silver nitrate in it combines with the salts in the body to turn into silver chloride. When silver chloride is added to the water, it is absorbed into the skin. As the ink comes in contact with the water, it changes color and turns black. Later it does not go away quickly.

That is why the ink does not leave the ink for at least 72 hours. When the skin cells slowly grow old. At that point the ink leaves. This ink is popularly known as Election Ink. In the first general election in the country, ink was not used. The Election Commission has decided to use such ink to prevent re-voting. It has been in use since 1922. According to sources, the company produces ink for other countries besides India.

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