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How is life interrelated ?-Nature is the greatest killer Next to Nature is man-necessity of preservation a great source of earning foreign exchange conclusion.

Flora and fauna are closely related to each other. Combinedly they constitute the nitrogen-cycle. Be it an insect, or a bird, or a huge animal like an elephant, or an insignificant droll, a beetle, or man himself, all depend for their existence on this cycle.

The survival of the entire Life Force, plants, animals and birds is interrelated. Various species, classes of animals and trees growing together constitute the flora and fauna. Extinction of any one part or whole of a species or class disturbs the cycle of life. But extinction is a part of the natural scheme of things. Till now 90 percent of animals and plants created on the earth have already gone extinct. The figure is alarming.

Nature is red in tooth and claw.” Nature creates and Nature destroys. Nature is the greatest killer. Many animals like dinosaurs had become extinct as they were unable to adapt to the rapidly changing atmosphere of the earth. Next to Nature, man is the greatest threat to wildlife. Unregulated killing of wildlife. overgrazing of livestock, pollution of air and water, felling of forests and construction of towns and factories have squeezed wild animals out of existence.

Why should we preserve wild-life and conserve forests?

To feed the growing population and to provide them shelter we need more land for agriculture, housing and industries. Moreover the wild beasts and birds destroy our crops. The wild beasts also PoSe a threat to our domestic animals and livestock. Sometimes even they pose a threat to human beings also. Why then should we spend our money and resources in protecting.lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, cranes, swans, Snakes and musk deer ?

We have to protect them as they are an integral part of nature and no other animal or bird affects nature except man. The wild birds, animals, insects and reptiles help to maintain a balance in nature. They help in the conservation of the environment. God has not created them without purpose. Man himself is also an animal. He is more rational, intelligent and social than others but basically he is a beast. So our kinship with other animals is a long affair. So

The extinction of some species of animal is sure to affect the ecology and the quality of our life negatively. We depend on trees and other animals and birds for food, cloth, house materials, medicines and decorative items. They are important for our survival. So many animals find their place in our art, culture, religion, literature and mythology. Mouse, elephant, swan, lion, garuda, peacock and bull are associated with Lord Ganapati, Biswakarma, goddess Saraswati, Lord Narayan Kartikeya and Lord Shiva respectively. In many temples snakes are worshipped with Lord Shiva. They all help us in many ways. For example snakes protect our crops by destroying rodents. Tigers and lions keep the growth of deer and rabbits, who are a great threat to our crops in check. Birds and insects help in fertilization of fruits and grains. Vultures and crows do our scavenging and keep our environment clean. Fish, fowl, crabs, rabbits, goats, sheep, provide us meat. Whales, sharks, crocodiles,musk deer, provide us with skin and medicine.

Wildlife is a great source of earning foreign exchange. They supplement our national income in many ways. Many foreign tourists visit our Reserved Forests at Similipal, Kaziranga, Chilika, Corbet National Park and Sunderban to enjoy the majestic sight of royal Bengal tigers, white tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, colourful peacocks and colourful birds. Without the twittering of birds life will become dry.

These birds, beasts, insects and reptiles live their own life but help us in many ways. Realising their importance in our life people all over the world are working to protect them. Private Organizations the World Wildlife Fund and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources are working to protect wildlife. Our government has passed The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, banning trade in hides of threatened species. At present we have 75 national parks, 421 wildlife sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens in our country. We have done a lot, but still a great more remains to be done.


Tree Conservation || Forest Protection

Introduction How do trees help us ?- How do they enlarge our mental horizon ?-How shall we preserve trees ?Conclusion.

“A motion and a spirit, that impels

All thinking things, all objects of all thoughts

And roll through all things.”

~(Tintern Abbey, William Wordsworth)

The first spark of civilization emanated from a deep forest. The first “Shloka’ of Veda was chanted in a dense forest. Man is intimately related with forests. Forests always refresh and invigorate us. They carter to the needs of our bodies as well as that of our souls. They help in our physical existence and enlarge our mental horizon. 

How do trees help in our physical existence.?

Trees provide us with all the basic needs. of life-the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the houses we live in The trees in the process of photosynthesis absorb the carbon-monoxide released to air from our respiration, from the burning of coal, petrol, diesel, firewood etc. and provide us oxygen to inhale and to live. Trees give us fruits to eat. We use wood planks as doors and windows of our houses. Various pieces of furniture are made of wood. in village farmers make huts, bullock carts, ploughs etc. with.

The bodies of trucks, and train coaches are made of wood. harbinger and șustainer of civilization; paper, is prepared from forest products. Most important of all, almost all herbs and trees possess medicinal quality. They help us to lead a healthy life. Trees protects soil erosion. Trees helps in creating a suitable atmosphere for monsoon clouds to rain. 70% of our tribal population depend on forest products like firewood, leaf-plates, jhuna, different roots, bamboos, etc. for their living.

How do they enlarge our mental horizon ? Trees, flowers, forests have a formative influence on man. God whispers to us through flowers. Only a sensitive heart can hear it. Robert Frost had heard the voice of God coming to him through a flower that bloomed on his window sill. Forests can soothe our bruised hearts. Therefore crores of people rush to picnic spots on holidays. Nature is a safe guide to wisdom and goodness. Through nature one can realize God. Nature is the best teacher in the world.

One impulse from a vernal wood

may teach you more of man

of moral evil and of good

Then all the sages can.”

(The Tables Turned; William Wordsworth)

Nature is man’s “friend, philosopher and guide.”

Why shall we preserve trees or forests ? In a single and very simple sentence the catastrophic magnitude of deforestation can be explained. When there will be no trees there will be no life. If

There will be no forests, there will be no rain, no food to eat, no oxygen to breathe, no water to drink. Simply there will be no life. If we want to live here we have to take care of trees.

The Government of India has had a forest policy since 1894. It was revised in 1952 and again in 1988. But no Act in India is sufficient though to achieve any goal. Likewise Forest Acts fail to preserve forests. Corrupt forest officials and wood-mafias have joined and turned India to a desert. We can check them only if we can educate people about the need for forests. Every school student should be inspired to plant trees. In the field of a forestation, young students can achieve miracles only if they can be properly guided.

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