Will Odisha lose the status of an agricultural state?

The government has not heard from farmers

Water scarcity, water scarcity … we all know that. But farmers are worried about agriculture, farmers are worried about agriculture … you have never heard of such a thing. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. While Odisha is an agricultural state, it does not address the plight of farmers here. Farmers are frustrated when there is no good farming, no rain at the right time, or when wildlife destroys crops. At present, farmers are plentiful, but there is also a good harvest, but farmers are worried about the lack of a suitable market for sale. Farmers are struggling to make ends meet, but they are not getting enough of their produce.

Thousands of maize farmers in the Komna block of the Sinapali block of Nuapadha district are in a similar situation. This year, the maize crop in the district has improved. So the farmers are sitting with their hands on their heads as there is no sale system when the maize harvest has started. Farmers bought maize for Rs 12 to Rs 1,500 per kg. Some have borrowed money from banks and some have borrowed money from farmers. Farmers are confused about whether to make a profit or not. In this case, the farmers are worried about how to repay the loan.

Farmers, however, have repeatedly appealed to the government to set up a mandi to sell the harvested corn. However, the government is not paying attention to maize cultivation and farmers. As a result, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In addition, dishonest traders reap the benefits. Farmers are forced to hand over their hard-earned crops to unscrupulous traders at low prices. However, the state government has demanded that the government provide assistance to maize farmers and provide them with mandis.

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