Top 100 World Hypertension Day Quotes

Top 100 World Hypertension Day Quotes

World Hypertension Day is observed every May 17th in order to raise awareness and promote hypertension prevention, detection and control. World Hypertension Day was started by the World Hypertension League as a means to spread awareness and recognition of the impact of high blood pressure and the need for treatment, prevention and control. According to the World Health Organization, hypertension (often referred to as high blood pressure or hypertension) is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease (1). It is the leading cause of stroke and a major cause of heart failure and chronic kidney disease (2). According to the WHO, approximately one in three people worldwide are affected by hypertension, a number that is rising.

{World Hypertension Day} is a global campaign to raise awareness and promote the control of hypertension. Hypertension is a non-communicable disease that is largely preventable, yet it is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. To commemorate World Hypertension Day, we have selected some memorable quotes from {World Hypertension Day} supporters around the world.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Hypertension is also a risk factor for organ damage, such as damage to the kidneys, eyes, heart and brain. Some studies are showing that high blood pressure can cause complications in pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Hypertension can be present for years without causing any symptoms, which is why it is important to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. In this video, we discuss the importance of hypertension awareness and prevention. To know more about World Hypertension Day visit

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Quotes On World Hypertension Day

1. “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

2. “When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.” – Pittacus Lore 

3. “There should be no more shame in acknowledging (mental illness) than in acknowledging a battle with high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a malignant tumor.” –  Jeffrey R. Holland

4. “People with high blood pressure, diabetes – those are conditions brought about by life style. If you change the life style, those conditions will leave.” – Dick Gregory

5. “One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills.” – Earl Wilson

6. “People take ownership of sickness and disease by saying things like MY high blood pressure MY diabetes, MY heart disease, MY depression, MY! MY! MY! Don’t own it because it doesn’t belong to you!” – Stella Payton

7. “To wish bad things for someone else, is like looking for high blood pressure. Because strong people fall, but stand up again.” –  Fasela Oosterwolde

8. “A newspaper is a circulating library with high blood pressure.” – Arthur Baer

9. “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”Buddha

10. “Failing to exhale properly is a common symptom of high blood pressure.” – Catherine Carrigan

11. “Your pantry is your first line of defense against food-borne illness and things like high blood pressure and cholesterol.” – Joe Bastianich

12.  “It is not length of life, but depth of life that matters.“ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

13. “Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” – Tori Amos

14. “Look at the average American diet: ice cream, butter, cheese, whole milk, all this fat. People don’t realize how much of this stuff you get by the end of the day. High blood pressure is from all this high-fat eating.” – Jack LaLanne

15. “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” –  Yoko Ono

16.  “The most important thing is to enjoy your life ― to be happy ― it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

17. “Children who grow up getting nutrition from plant foods rather than meats have a tremendous health advantage. They are less likely to develop weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.” – Benjamin Spock

18. “It’s infrequent that people are rail thin yet have high blood pressure.”- Eric Topol

19. “Many physical illnesses are associated with depression and anxiety, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, kidney disease, lung disease, dementia and cancer.” – Liz Miller

20. “A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses.” – Lee Haney

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World Hypertension Day 2022: Wishes and Messages

1. An optimist is a person who starts a new diet. Be an optimist on this World Hypertension Day, cherish yourself, and enjoy this occasion. Happy World Hypertension Day.

2. The occasion of World Hypertension Day reminds us that mental peace is what guides the rest of our health. Warm greetings on this special day to everyone.

3. With so much of stress around and with bad lifestyle practices, we must make sure that we stay away from the clutches of hypertension. Happy World Hypertension Day to all.

4. Hypertension has become a common health issue but we can control it by investing some time every day to keep our heart and mind cool. Warm wishes on World Hypertension Day.

5. Make lifestyle changes, don’t let walking from your car into a restaurant be the most exercise you get. Develop a healthy lifestyle and spread awareness about it this World Hypertension Day.

6. Be determined to share your positive approach and don’t let hypertension stand in the way of enjoying your life. Wish you a happy and healthy World Hypertension Day.

7. We live in a general public where individuals simply don’t have a clue. We are attempting to make the best choice, yet we don’t have the correct data. So help to spread awareness on the occasion of this World Hypertension Day.

8. Consider what you can do to keep yourself and your family protected, solid and well. All the best for this World Hypertension Day.

9. Help to spread awareness on World Hypertension Day because it can be controlled and cured if we take the right actions at right time.

10. Hypertension is a part of life that may or may not enter your life. Don’t take it as the full stop rather, start a new beginning with Healthy Life.

11. You are the human rendition of headache and your show is hypertension. Remain sound and be sheltered on this World Hypertension Day.

12.  Maintaining great control of glucose and hypertension limits bleakness and mortality. Remain sound and be sheltered on this World Hypertension Day.

13. A diet rich in plant protein, fiber, and nuts lowers cholesterol and improves blood pressure. Improve your diet and stay healthy on this World Hypertension Day.

14. Balance your blood pressure with Healthy Food and Regular Exercise. Wish you a very Happy and Healthy Life. Wishing Hypertension Day.

15. Hypertension is a stage when you overlook the lofty unblemished magnificence of life. Remain solid and be healthy and safe on this World Hypertension Day.

16. Hypertension is a quiet executioner. It is probably going to turn into a worldwide pandemic. It is treatable and preventable. Let’s take an oath to get checked and be healthy on this World Hypertension Day.

17. Prescribe yourself to a day full of happiness. Spread love, care and enjoy this day. Stay healthy and be safe on this World Hypertension Day.

18. Life is much better when we have a calm and composed heart and mind. Let us work towards stability and better health on World Hypertension Day.

19. The type of food you eat will affect your general health so don’t be quick, shabby, simple, or phony. Wish you a very happy and healthy World Hypertension Day.

20. Think about what you eat and drink and exercise. Consider how you get medicines and how you take them. Consider what you can do to keep yourself and your family protected, solid and well. All the best for this World Hypertension Day.

World Hypertension Day 2022: Slogans

1. Good health would bring you better wealth and prosperity.

2. Stay healthy, eat healthy, stay away from high Hypertension.

3. High Hypertension is like a silent killer for humans.

4. What to do with money if you do not have good health

5. If you do not want to die early, check your BP regularly.

6. Remove high Hypertension, create a healthy life.

7. Remove high Hypertension, create a healthy life.

8. Pledge to eat healthy, exercise and cut back on salt.

9. Make high Hypertension tough, always maintain a healthy diet.

10. Do not ignore the initial signs; Try reading between the lines.

11. It’s time to change 

12. Stop stressing out on everything

13. Be happy, be healthy

14. The hustle begins

15. All it takes is a healthy diet

16. It’s time to take preventive measures

17. Healthy heart for a better self

18. Eat right, live light

19. Be will only if you eat well

20. Say no to heart diseases

Hypertension Day quotes

Eat healthy and exercise everyday to keep hypertension under bay.

Disease comes often without symptoms, hence requires your full attention.

Even when it seems very clear, get your BP checked twice a year.

Disease come without pre-information so be alert from hypertension.

What to do of wealth if you don’t have good health.

World Hypertension Day Quotes

A healthy diet will bring healthy heart beat.

Say no to tension, say no to hypertension.

Keep your heart clean of bad intention; laugh loud to ward off hypertension.

If you don’t want to die early then check your BP regularly.

For a healthy mind & healthy soul, hypertension should be controlled.

World Hypertension Day 2022 Quotes

The hypertension is like a silent killer for human being.

Hypertension is a curse, it makes life worse.

Remove Hypertension, create a healthy life.

Early morning walk helps in reducing hypertension.

If suffering from BP then one advice, start your day with exercise.

Eat healthy live healthy, be away from hypertension.

World Hypertension Day Quotes In English

Hypertension is high blood pressure; it may get you whether you are old or a fresher.

You can only take control of your life if your BP is in control.

Keep your blood pressure under control, by eating healthy and dancing rock n roll.

Make a resolve to eat healthy, exercise and cut back on salt.

Keep high blood pressure at bay; know your numbers on world hypertension day.

Hypertension Day 2022 Theme

Give hypertension a tough fight, always maintain a healthy diet.

High BP could kill your wife will have to pay the bill.

Hypertension could be a pain; would you want your partner to marry again.

When the blood pressure shoots up, get a proper medical checkup.

Don’t neglect the initial signs; try reading between the lines.

Hypertension Day 2022 Quotes

Some treatments are really cheap; BP is lowered even by sleep.

Eating fruits, vegetables and grains, will keep your body out of strain.

Change your life style and always wear that smile.

Quit liquor and smoke, chose juice over coke.

While feeling anxiety, vomiting and severe chest pain; see the doctor living next lane.

FAQs On World Hypertension Day

Why is World Hypertension Day celebrated?

World Hypertension Day is observed every May 17th in order to raise awareness and promote hypertension prevention, detection and control (deferred to October 17, 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic). High blood pressure is the main risk factor to develop cardiovascular disease.

What is the theme of World Hypertension Day?

Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer – is the theme of World Hypertension Day 2021. The focus of this year’s theme is to create awareness and communicate in our social networks about accurately measuring blood pressure regularly.

What is the theme of World Hypertension Day 2022?

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Hypertension League (WHL) is celebrating World Hypertension Day on October 17th, and the dedicated theme is Measure Your Blood Pressure, Control It, Live Longer.

When was World Hypertension Day started?

Launched on on May 14, 2005, The World Hypertension League has been dedicating May 17 of every year as World Hypertension Day ever since 2006.

How do you know if you have good blood pressure?

Normal blood pressure for most adults is defined as a systolic pressure of less than 120 and a diastolic pressure of less than 80. Elevated blood pressure is defined as a systolic pressure between 120 and 129 with a diastolic pressure of less than 80.

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