World TB Day 2022

Today is World Tuberculosis Day! This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Tuberculosis, Save Life’.

World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated every year on March 24. It is important to raise public awareness about the TB epidemic in India and efforts to eradicate it. Tuberculosis or TB Day is celebrated on March 28. In 1922, Robert Coach discovered the TB virus. In 2016, 10 million people contracted tuberculosis, and 1.5 million people died of the disease.

World Tuberculosis Day
World Tuberculosis Day

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Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease is spread by air. That is why many people suffer from this deadly disease. The disease spreads even when it comes to patient contact. No symptoms of TB are known beforehand. But when the infection is alive, it becomes active. TB has many symptoms. Symptoms of TB include more than 3 weeks of coughing, blood or spitting in the cough, fever, loss of appetite, chest pain, and fatigue.

TB Day

For the first time in a decade, tuberculosis deaths increased in 2020. The theme of World Tuberculosis Day 2022 is “Invest in Ending Tuberculosis, Save Your Life.”

World TB Day Theme 2022

This is especially important in the context of the COVIDE-19 epidemic, which threatens TB progress and ensures equal access to prevention and care with WHO drivers to achieve global health coverage. The event will be held on a Blu-ray Interactive Web Platform-End TB Forum in a talk-show format with a connected speaker via video. Keynote speakers will include ministers, leaders and other high-ranking government officials, heads of agencies, tuberculosis survivors, civil society and stakeholders. The show will air live with Interactive Q&A

World TB Day 2022

World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated to raise awareness and raise awareness about the world’s deadliest communicable killer – tuberculosis, which has a health, social and economic impact on people around the world. It was March 29, 1922, when Dr. Robert Coach announced that he had discovered the virus, which causes tuberculosis, which paved the way for the cure and cure of the disease.

Tuberculosis Day

Despite tuberculosis prevention and treatment, more than 6,100 people die of tuberculosis every day, and about 30,000 suffer from tuberculosis. TB is the leading cause of death in HIV patients and TB is the leading cause of antimicrobial resistance. World Tuberculosis Day is a day to pay attention to people with the disease and to take immediate action to reduce the risk of tuberculosis and death. Especially in the midst of the ongoing Covid-16 crisis.

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