Zoology In Relation To Mankind | Do you really know about the Importance of Zoology


Do you really know about the importance of zoology? The relation between zoology and mankind? importance of zoology in psychology? importance of zoology in medicine? importance of zoology in human health? importance of zoology in our life? economic importance of zoology? what are the importance of zoology in relation to midwifery? importance of zoology in agriculture? Top helpful animals? best helpful animals in our daily life? is zoology really helpful? so, well let’s see!


Biology deals with living organisms. The living organisms are made up of protoplasm. Huxley (1868) has stated that protoplasm is the physical basis of life. At the molecular level there is no difference between nonliving object and living beings. Both exist on this earth and both are governed by same physico-chemical laws. Then, how are the living beings different from the nonliving ? Can we define life ? Really, Animals are economically important to man. Many of them are beneficial and still others are harmful.


  1. As Food. Animal provides substantial amount of food.

(a) Animal as food-Fish, birds, crabs, prawn, reptiles, molluscs, goat and cow etc.
provide food to man.
(b) Animal productsAnimal products like egg, milk and honey, etc. form the main bulk of human food.

  1. As Commercial Material. Different kinds of materials, produced from animals, are matter of commercial importance. Such things are skin of tiger, lion, crocodile, snake, deer, etc. silk (from silk worms). Wool (Fur of sheep), feathers of birds, shellac and even different colouring shells of molluscs.
  2. As Cloth. Silken and woolen cloths are prepared from silk (secreted by silk worm) and wool (produced by the sheep). Fur coats are prepared from skin of different animals.
  3. As Medicine. A number of animal extracts are utilized as medicines. These are cod liver oil, liver extracts of fishes, etc.
  4. As Manure. Compost, an organic manure, is produced from animal excreta. Powdered animal bones, is also utilised as manure.
  5. As Jewellery. Sorme animal products are used as jewellery. These are, pearl produced by pearl oysters, corals, mulluscan shells, and ivory etc.
  6. As Meaius of Transport. Even now-a-days many animals are used as means of transport. Such animals are horse, elephant, camel, buffaloes, and dogs etc.
  7. As Fuel. Animal excreta, like cowdung are dried and utilised as fuel.
  8. Use in Industry. A large number of animal products like shellac, wax etc. are utilised in different industries.
  9. Use in Biotechnology. Technology has been developed to recover resources from organic waste materials using animals. For example earthworms have been utilised to produce compost from organic wastes of households.
  10. To increase Soil Fertility. Earthworms are called as “Friends of Farmers” as they till the land. The soil nematodes also increase the soil fertility.
  11. As Scavengers. Birds, like crows, vultures and animals like jackels, dogs, etc. help in cleaning the earth from dead bodies.
  12. As Agents of Pollination. Different insects, like butterflies, wasps, bees, lies and birds act as pollinating agents.
  13. As Pet Animals. A large number of animals and birds are domesticated. These include dogs, cats, peacock, parrot, etc. Some birds like Pigeons are still utilised as letter bearers. The dogs, due to their acute sense of smell, are used to detect crimes.


Though a large number of animals are beneficial to human But, still there are some harmful animals.

  1. As Parasites. Hundreds of animals act as parasites on man. Some examples are mosquitoes, leech etc. These animals feed on blood of human being.
  2. As Predators. Carnivorous animals like, tiger, lion, wolf, crocodiles, sharks etc. are predators of human.
  3. Disease Causing Animals. Many microscopic animals cause diseases in human beings. Among these animals, there are protozoans like, Plasmodium Malaria-parasite),
    Leishmania (causing Kalazar), Entamoeba, Giardia (causing dysentry) and helminthes like Wuchereria (causing filaria) etc.
  4. As Vectors. Animals like rats, ticks, mosquitoes etc. carry and transfer diseases from one man to another. They are called as vectors.
  5. As Pests. Some insects like moths, beetles, weevils, termites etc. act as pest on plant and plant products.
  6. As Poisonous Animals. Some animals contain poison which even kill a man. Some
    such animals are scorpions, wasps, bees and poisonous snakes like viper, cobra, kraits etc.

Best zoology in our life quotes:-

Zoology has always been interesting to me. Nature is fascinating.

Living, as I do, in an educated and scientific atmosphere, I could not have conceived that the first principles of zoology were so little known. Is it possible that you do not know the elementary fact in comparative anatomy, that the wing of a bird is really the forearm, while the wing of a bat consists of three elongated fingers with membranes between

The older I get the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field from adultery to zoology.


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