What can we never eat for dinner?

What can we never eat for dinner?

  • Starch Containing Foods. Starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes are not ideal for dinner time. …
  • Greasy And Fatty Foods. Greasy and fatty food items should not be eaten at night as they are hard to digest. …
  • Spicy Foods. …
  • Simple Carbohydrates. …
  • Chocolates.

What would you do if you found a torn and tattered National Flag on the roadside?

According to the rules, there is a proper way to dispose of soiled or torn national flag. As per the Flag Code of India, 2002, there are two ways to dispose of the national flag – burning or burying.

Would you prefer someone who is honest but inefficient OR someone who is efficient but dishonest? Why?

The real question is not what I would do: the question is, what would you do? The truth is, there are many choices; each has its own consequences, both in the short and the long term. As the owner of the business or its chief executive, you must have clarity on one thing: what does the term “honesty” mean to you? What price would you pay for your own belief? Remember, there is no judgement I am expressing here. There are Indian organizations that make no distinction between honesty and high performance; yet there are those who, for whatever reason, have flexible interpretations.

Source: The mint

Why does India test fire it’s missiles/rockets only from the Eastern coast?

If you notice a trend, all around the world, space launch centers which launch rockets and other space vehicles are located only on the east coasts mostly. . . this is mainly done out of a particular set of factors. . . . since the earth rotates from west to east, if a rocket is launched towards east, it receives a gravitational tug by the earth and it provides an additional boost to the rocket. . . hence rockets such as PSLV are launched towards the east from Sriharikota However, if you launch from your west coast, say Thumba in kerala (where initial sounding rockets of India were tested) in case of rocket failure, the path of the rocket is directly above the land. . . this could cause a potential hazard to life and property. . Hence, most space ports such as SHAR, and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (Florida) are located on the east coasts so that in case of inflight failure, the rocket falls into to ocean and not on land Infact, even India’s missile testing ranges such as Wheeler Island and Chandipur are located on the east coast for the same reason . . .

Most of the active launch sites are near or on the Eastern costs with a few exceptions in countries that do not have an east coast.

Five Important UPSC Interview Questions and Answers

Can you think of any anomalies in our National Anthem?

Every once in a while, it dawns on an Indian citizen that, among the list of provinces of British India thoughtfully provided by Tagore in our national anthemSindh is an anomaly.

National Anthem

Sindh was a fairly significant part of the British Empire ever since it was absentmindedly conquered by General Napier in the 1840s. (He is believed to sent his superiors a brief message on the conquest, Peccavi, Latin for ‘I have sinned’, which is to say, Sindh. The man was an insufferable nerd).

Why did you choose the bureaucracy as a career path?

A Masters in English Literature from Delhi University, Neelam Kapur, principal director general, Press Information Bureau, Government of India, gave her entrance exams for the civil services while she was teaching at St Stephen’s College and later, she joined the Indian Information Service (IIS) in 1982. “I joined the IIS primarily because I was interested in communications and media and it was an interesting option to opt for because while you are in the civil services, you are also specialisin ..

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Why are all manhole covers round?

But why are manhole covers round? Because there are no angles for alignment, the round shape makes these heavy covers easier to put back on once they’re taken off. Round covers are also easier to manufacture. But the main reason manhole covers are round is so they won’t accidentally fall into the manhole itself.

Is there any difference between Nationalism and Patriotism?

Nationalism and patriotism are two sides of the same coin but there is a thin line demarcating both the ideologies. Find out here if you are a nationalist or a patriot. 

Indians are divided on a lot of issues and it’s natural considering the fact that even within a group of four friends there could be four different opinions and India has a population of over 127 crore people.

To promote national interest, would you willingly tell a lie?

The student new to international relations is often at first intoxicated by the concept of “national interest.” It seems crisp, clear, objective: what’s good for the nation as a whole in international affairs. (What’s good for the nation as a whole in domestic affairs is the public interest.) National interest lies at the very heart of the military and diplomatic professions and leads to the formulation of a national strategy and of the calculation of the power necessary to support that strategy. Upon reflection, however, one realizes how hard it is to turn concepts of national interest into working strategy. It requires one to perceive the world with undistorted clarity and even to anticipate the second- and third-order effects of policies. Few are so gifted. Instead of bringing clarity and cohesion, many quarrel over what the national interest is in any given situation. The author of this monograph will argue that the
concept of national interest still has utility, not as an objective fact but as a philosophical argument in favor of limiting the number of crusades a country may be inclined to

How many animals are depicted in the National Emblem?

The state emblem is an adaptation from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka. In the original, there are four lions, standing back to back, mounted on an abacus with a frieze carrying sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull and a lion separated by intervening wheels over a bell-shaped lotus.

What is the difference between Rule of Law and Rule by Law?

Rule by law indicates that decisions are forced upon a citizenry, while Rule of law is to control the unlimited exercise of the power by the supreme lawmaking authority of the land. It is a just application of the law for everybody, keeping in mind that the law doesn’t go against basic precepts of humanity.

Are leaders born or made?

Leaders are made, not born. While many leaders possess traits that come natural to them, or that they developed early in their lives, these traits can be obtained. Leadership courses, mentorship and experience are among the best ways to develop leadership capabilities.

How many languages will you find on a currency note?

15 languages Contemporary Currency notes have 15 languages on the panel which appear on the reverse of the note.

What are the most pressing concerns for India?

  • Corruption. The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely. …
  • Illiteracy. The percentage of illiteracy in India is alarming. …
  • Education System. …
  • Basic Sanitation. …
  • Healthcare System. …
  • Poverty. …
  • Pollution. …
  • Women’s Safety.

Should bureaucrats preserve democracy or practice it?

Socrates, while serving on the Athenian Council, sought to prevent it from making an illegal decision. Martin Luther, when a council convened by the Emperor Charles V in 1521 told him to recant, is said to have declared: ‘Here I stand; I can do no other.’ The United States’ attorney general Elliot Richardson and the deputy attorney general William D Ruckelshaus both chose to resign in 1973 rather than obey President Richard Nixon’s order to fire the special prosecutor investigating Watergate. More recently, the acting attorney general Sally Yates was fired after she announced that the US Department of Justice would not cooperate in enforcing President Donald Trump’s executive order against Muslim immigrants. They all said no. Each of them, for reasons of principle, opposed an order from a higher authority (or sought to prevent its issuance). They are exceptional figures, in extraordinary circumstances. Yet most of the time, the rule of law is more mundane: it depends on officials carrying out their ordinary duties within the purposes of the offices they hold, and on citizens obeying them. That is to say, the rule of law relies upon obedience by bureaucrats, and obedience of bureaucrats – but crucially, within the established norms of the state.

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